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Different Alternative Digital Marketing Strategies To Increase Organic Traffic To Your Website

One of the most common and yet major challenges that businesses these days have to face is to get the proper attention of the people and the audience that is growing day by day. One of the main goals that businesses these days have is to convert more and more prospects into the clients for the brand. So, there are many different methods in order to do that such as paid advertisement and other important marketing strategies. However, getting organic traffic for the website is something that is not really an easy piece of cake for the people.
For every single business owner with a website on the internet, it is important to know how to rank in Google. Well, Google is the ‘Godfather’ of all the search engines and it is really an honor for the websites if they are able to rank well in the search results of Google. But to do that, there are certain things that must be taken into consideration. Organic traffic on the website, for example, is one of the main things that decide the success of the website on the platform of Google.
To have organic traffic on the website, businesses can use different digital marketing strategies that we are going to discuss in here. However, before that, let us understand the importance of digital marketing in SEO and how it helps the websites rank well in Google.
Digital Marketing Strategies for Organic Traffic

Understanding The Importance of  Digital Marketing

When it comes to the world of digital marketing, it is as fun and exciting as it is complex. The young entrepreneurs totally get into the marketing business as web designers and writers and freelances. But that is not all. The small businesses on the other hand also lean towards the different strategies such as content marketing and email marketing in order to get organic traffic for their websites. These strategies not only help in the promotion of the brands but they also make sure that more and more people come and visit the website in order to increase the organic traffic of the website.
So, it wouldn’t really be a bad idea if the online businesses all over the world were able to harness the power of digital marketing and its related strategies in order to create a particular world of their own on the internet.
This is where we come to help you out. Here we have hand-picked some of the best strategies of digital marketing that can help you and your business website in your quest to reach the top pages of the Google search results. Read till the end to find out more about what we have to say.
Digital Marketing Strategies for Organic Traffic and Website Ranking

Different Digital Marketing Strategies That You Need To Try In 2019

Well, as we promised you earlier, here are some of the best digital marketing strategies that you can use in order to get organic traffic on your website.

·     Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

One of the most common and crucial parts of digital marketing would have to be Search Engine Optimization or SEO. You definitely might have come across the term once in your life and it is really important for the businesses to learn free SEO online.
The art of SEO or Search Engine Optimizations actually ensures that the articles and the websites feature in the highest ranks of the Google search results. One of the most organic forms of advertising, SEO makes sure that the businesses don’t have to focus on the positions. Instead of doing that, you will be able to optimize the website and the webpages that it has used some important techniques so that the top features of your website appear on the search results when people search with relevant keywords.
Digital Marketing Strategies for Organic Traffic and Website Ranking

Are you finding it a bit difficult to understand? Well, let us give you an example. With the help of relevant keywords, the website of yours will appear on the search results in the top pages when people search for it. Say you have a website that sells flowers. SEO will ensure that you use the topmost searched keywords that people use and make your website rank higher. That way people will be interested in entering your website and you will get more traffic for sure.
However, one thing that you need to do when you want SEO to be your friend is to not stuff the articles with too many keywords. This way the copy can seem a bit unnatural and your website might not even appear on the Google search results.

·      Pay Per Click Advertising (PPC)

For those who want to know how to learn SEO, it is crucial for them to know about PPC or Pay Per Click Advertisement method. It is basically just a paid version of the regular SEO that you use. In this strategy for digital marketing, you will not exactly be optimizing the website of yours. However, you will actually get to bid on the advertising space which is used by certain keywords in the search engines.
Digital Marketing Strategies for Organic Traffic and Website Ranking

The process of bidding can be based on different algorithms that work with the search engines However, there are certain aspects that the advertiser needs to focus on. The amount of bid for example and the quality of the advertisement is something that needs careful considerations. Also, the Expected Click through rates or the CTR is another important consideration that they need to focus on.
These factors all combine in order to provide a particular rank to the advertisements and the rank will decide whether the advertisement is worth placing or not. So, there is no doubt about the fact that PPC is one of the most important digital marketing strategies to use for gaining organic traffic.

·      Social Media Marketing

Most people don’t really understand social media importance in SEO and how it can help websites get more organic traffic. However, it is not false to say that social media is definitely here to stay.
So, using social media for different digital marketing strategies will definitely not be a bad idea for sure. There are so many different platforms such as Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn, Snapchat, and so much more that can be used in order to gain a large audience for the websites.
These platforms can be used in order to directly advertise the products and the services that are provided by the website of online businesses.
Digital Marketing Strategies for Organic Traffic and Website Ranking

Not just that but you will also be able to get more and more content posted about the website in these platforms. Since the audience for these platforms is much higher than the others, there is no doubt that the scope of getting organic traffic from these websites will also be great for sure.

·      Content Marketing

This particular type of digital marketing strategy is not really like the others that we have mentioned above. With content marketing, you do not directly promote the products and the services that are provided on the website. Rather you focus on how to learn blogging and creating rich and valuable content that will be appealing to the customers and increase the customer experience as well.
The brands that are totally successful on the world of the web would definitely have to thank the services of content marketing as they get to post blogs, content, images, videos and other related stuff to engage with people. These pieces of content are both informative and entertaining as well. So, the main aim here is to not sell the products directly but promote the website with the help of good-quality content.
Digital Marketing Strategies for Organic Traffic and Website Ranking

By posting videos, images, and blogs, you will have a proper and loyal base of customers. These customers will be the regular visitors for your profile for sure. Whether it is something informative or not, your content will build up more and more followers which in turn will provide you with more traffic for your website. However, one thing that you need to make sure is that the content that you provide should be according to the needs and requirements of the customers.

·      Email Marketing

Now, this might be a little bit of an old-school method of digital marketing but nonetheless, the small businesses that want to make it big in the digital world are using the services of email marketing in order to gain customers and visitors for the organic traffic of the website.
Digital Marketing Strategies for Organic Traffic and Website Ranking

The format of email marketing is basically a direct one where you will be able to send informative pieces such as articles and blogs to the inboxes that are in your mailing list. This is one of the best ways to make sure that people get to know all about the products and the services that you are willing to provide in here. However, one thing that you need to know here is that just because you send the emails to your inbox participants, doesn’t mean that they are going to read it.
The trick here is to make them read it and you can use several techniques in order to make that happen. For example, chuck the sales-y language in the email and give it a more personalized tone so that people are more interested in it. This is certainly one of the best ways to get more traffic for the website.

·      Google AdSense

When it comes to digital marketing, one of the best strategies that will help your website get more traffic is the strategy of using Google AdSense. It is certainly one of the best and the most popular ways of making some money and gaining visitors by providing certain ads on the websites of yours.
The popularity that your website will gain is certainly unlimited because the strategy involves the platform of Google itself. So, there is no doubt about the fact that Google AdSense is one of the best methods that you can use in order to gain visitors to the website. Google AdSense currently has over 2 million users because people tend to trust the brand of Google.
Digital Marketing Strategies for Organic Traffic and Website Ranking

With the help of Google AdSense, you will actually be able to choose the different ads that would appear on your websites. The users of Google AdSense have the liberty to choose the advertisements that will definitely be relevant to the viewers that they have. One of the most common problems with ads is that they tend to annoy online users a lot.
With Google AdSense, you will be able to not only choose the ads that are appealing to the people but you will also be able to govern the position of the advertisements as well. Billing and monitoring is something that AdSense takes care of as well. So, the websites that use the services of AdSense are the ones that get positive feedback from the clients and have more and more organic traffic on the website as well.

·      Social Media Optimization / Search Marketing Optimization (SMO)

Most people know it as Social Media Optimization and some refer to it as Search Marketing Optimization. It doesn’t really matter what you call it. But it is definitely one of the most popular digital marketing strategies that will help your website gain more and more traffic organically.
The perfect blend of Search Engine Optimization and Social Media gives birth to the SMO or Social Media Optimization. The business on the internet cannot really blossom if they don’t get to track certain factors such as customer interaction and online visibility. This is where SMO comes to help you out in here.
Digital Marketing Strategies for Organic Traffic and Website Ranking

With an effective strategy of SMO, you will be able to use the power of social media in order to increase the organic traffic in your sites. There are many different platforms such as Facebook and Twitter where you will be able to reach and interact with more and more people. Increasing engagement on these sites will provide more reach to your business. More and more people will be interested in joining your social media accounts and business pages.
SMO can be seen as the cohesive unit where all your social media efforts become one in order to gain more traffic for your website.


Digital Marketing is the future for online businesses these days. If you want to make sure that your online business reaches the heights of success, then you need to apply these digital marketing strategies for sure.  

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Social Media Channels To Use For Content Marketing

When it comes to social media, there is no doubt about the fact that it has completely changed our lives. We are surrounded all over by the different social media channels that help us in making connections with more and more people from all over the world.
But one of the most important uses of social media is probably leveraged by online businesses. With the help of different strategies of social media marketing, businesses these days can actually utilize these platforms in order to know how to rank in Google.
Social Media Channels to use for Content Marketing

Well, one of the most beautiful and important combinations in the digital world would have to be the combination of social media and content marketing. With the help of these two pillars, businesses are able to make sure that they can properly connect with the customers through informative and innovative content. With such popularity, there is a demand for the increase in social content marketing techniques and tactics that can be used for optimization of content on social media channels.

Understanding All About Content Marketing Through Social Media

Well, we all know that content marketing is a very popular way of making sure that people are interested in joining different websites. With the help of content marketing, you will not exactly be promoting the products and services of the website. However, the main focus of content marketing is to provide valuable and informative content to the people so that their experience is better.
With better content, you will be able to gain more and more loyal customers and visitors for your website. So, it is needless to say that content marketing is certainly one of the best ways to engage traffic into your website. This is one of the main reasons why people all over the world want to know how to start blogging in order to leverage the benefits of content marketing.
Social Media Channels for Content Marketing

Social media is certainly one of the best methods that can amalgamate well with content marketing in order to increase the ranks of websites on Google search results. Don’t know what we are talking about? Well, read on ahead to find out more and you might understand where we are going at.
With social media, the website can properly rank well in the top pages of Google search results. So, there is not a single speck of doubt about social media importance in SEO. Through techniques such as Social Media Marketing and Social Media Optimization, businesses can harness the power of social media in order to have more organic traffic for their websites.
However, did you know that you can combine the powers of social media and content marketing? Yes, you heard it absolutely right people. Now, it is possible to leverage the benefits of content marketing via different social media channels. That is exactly what this post discusses.
It is really important for young entrepreneurs these days to understand the importance of digital marketing in SEO. In order to do that, they need to know about the different social media channels that they can use for content marketing. This is why we are here to help them out.
Social Media Channels for Digital Marketing

Different Social Media Channels For Content Marketing

Here we are going to mention some of the best social media channels which can be used in order to master content marketing and increasing the organic traffic for the website. It is important that the people learn free SEO online and get organic traffic through content marketing so that they can have better rankings for their websites. These social media channels are going to be a great help with that for sure.

·    LinkedIn

When we talk about the famous and popular social media platforms that are used far and wide by the people then the one name that crops into the minds of people is LinkedIn. This platform is a godsend for the B2B companies these days. With a more professional outlook, the platform provides the people to come together and share ideas about different topics that they share a common interest in.
Over 95% of the B2B companies have used LinkedIn for the purpose of content marketing. The platform definitely has the potential to change the face of the businesses. With the help of the platform, you will be able to create content that helps in the launching of several products. Also, through content in LinkedIn, you will be able to share your thoughts and ideas and get to interact with people.
Social Media Channel LinkedIn for SEO

All of that can certainly be a great help in building the traffic of the website that you have. By sharing innovative ideas on LinkedIn, one can ensure that more and more people would want to visit their websites.

·   Twitter

Twitter is another one of the most popular social media channels that can be used in order to leverage the benefits of content marketing. There are about 300 million users that are active on the platform of Twitter. So, you will easily be able to see what latest trends are ruling the world these days.
About 87% of the online businesses these days are using the platform of Twitter to do content marketing in the best way. So, why shouldn’t you be able to leverage the benefits of content marketing strategies with this platform?
Social Media Channel Twitter for SEO

With the use of the relevant hashtags on your tweets, you will be able to gain more and more followers for your Twitter page. These followers can then be converted into loyal customers and visitors for your social media channels and websites. However, there is a limitation of 280 characters when it comes to the platform of Twitter. The trick here is to be creative when creating content on Twitter to get more people interested.

·    Facebook

There is no doubt about the fact that Facebook is one of the best platforms of social media that can be used for content marketing. You might be a bit surprised to know that Facebook has about 2 million monthly users. That is certainly a very big amount for sure. So, there is no doubt that using Facebook for content marketing can actually do a great deal for businesses. With the help of the platform of Facebook, the content writers can provide more and more informative content to the people in form of Facebook posts such as blogs, articles, images, videos and so much more.
Social Media Channel Facebook for SEO

Apart from that, the Facebook groups and business pages have more members that will be interested in listening to what the content marketers have to say. So, Facebook can definitely be a platform where people can actually send relevant content and gain followers and visitors for their websites.

·    Instagram

Well, during the beginning times of Instagram, this platform was just one where people used to share the pictures and videos of their family and friends. However, with time, the demand for Instagram has certainly increased and now it is one of the best content marketing platforms to use for the businesses.
Instagram is a platform where 800 users log in on a monthly basis. About 48% of the brands and businesses on the internet are currently using Instagram in order to provide content that will be appealing to the viewers. The businesses will be able to share content such as videos, images, and posts that can increase the followers on the pages.
Social Media Channel Instagram for SEO, SMO

These followers can then be persuaded to click on the website links of the businesses. So, in a way, Instagram can actually help boost up the content marketing techniques and provide better organic traffic for the websites. So, why shouldn’t you try it and see positive results in the future, right?

·    SlideShare

Many of you might not know it yet, but SlideShare is another one of the best social media platforms for content marketing. It is a platform where the users are able to share content that is related to the presentation and document formats. So, the top B2B companies are using this platform in order to reach people and provide them with content that they will find informative and appealing as well.
You will be able to share presentations Infographics, documents, and several videos on the platform of SlideShare. These pieces of content will not only provide information to the readers but will also ensure that they get to know your brand in a better way. So, using SlideShare for content marketing would certainly not be such a bad idea.
Social Media Channel Slide Share SEO, SMO

 With about 80 million professionals logging into the accounts of SlideShare, the audience for the platform is very rich for sure. So, using this platform for posting content can actually be a good idea.

·    Google Plus

Well, Google Plus has about 400 million users that are currently active on a monthly basis. So, there is no doubt about the fact that the platform has some huge potential for content marketing and providing more and more organic traffic to the websites of the businesses. Since Google is a very trusted brand, more and more people would be interested in the websites that leverage the platform of Google Plus for content marketing.
Social Media Channel Google Plus for SEO, SMO

With the help of Google Plus features such as Communities, Hangouts, and Circles, you will be able to engage with the people that read your content and that will certainly lead to the creation of more and more visitors for the website. Also, Google Plus improves the SEO of the website as well. So, for those who want to learn free SEO online, using Google Plus would really be a great idea for sure.

·    YouTube

The biggest video-making platform on the internet these days would have to be YouTube. There are about 1.5 billion people who use YouTube actively on a monthly basis. That is one of the main reasons why businesses from all over the world want to use this particular platform for content marketing.
Now the content posted on YouTube is clearly on the video format. So, there is not a single speck of doubt that people will find this type of content very interesting and informative. About 46% of the businesses these days are trying to use the platform of YouTube in order to generate content that would be interesting for the people who see it.
Social Media Channel YouTube for SEO, SMO

You can post different types of videos that are engaging and appealing to the customers. There are the ‘how-to’ videos, advertisements, vlogs, original content and so much more. YouTube also welcomes reviews and testimonial videos as well. When you are posting content on YouTube, you need to have fresh and innovative thinking. This is the only way to make the best use of the platform.

·     Snapchat

Although Snapchat is not nearly as popular as the other platforms that we have mentioned above, it is certainly very popular when it comes to content marketing. With over 1.66 billion users that log in daily into the platform of Snapchat, there is no doubt that posting content here would definitely help the brands and businesses reach a large number of people in a very short people of the time.
About 8% of the businesses these days are using the platform of Snapchat in order to promote their brands with the help of content that is engaging and appealing to the users.
Social Media Channel Snapchat for SEO, SMO

Snapchat was previously used for sending private messages in the form of impermanent photos. You can create multimedia messages with short videos and photos. Editing and dolling the posts is also possible with the help of Snapchat filters and several stickers. This certainly provides a better way of promoting the brand through fresh and interesting content.


There is no doubt about the fact that using content marketing through the different social media channels will help you get many visitors for your website. After all, social media and content marketing are two of the greatest strategies for digital marketing and SEO. So, for those who want to know how to learn SEO, using content marketing techniques with the different social media channels would be a great idea.  

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How to choose a Website for Guest Blogging

If you want to get a high ranking for your website and need more organic traffic then it is not possible without guest blogging. It is a major part of off-page SEO. When you complete your website on-page SEO after that you can start for guest blogging. Most people don't know about the method of how to choose a suitable site for guest blogging. They always depend on the SEO companies whatever they find suitable just use them. But remember that your SEO company always choose the sites for guest blogging which cost them less because most companies try to save their expenditures only. They also don't care about the client site so you have to choose the right company for your site's SEO. Whenever you start for guest blogging just remember these below points. 
How to Guest Blogging in UK

1-Must Match Guest Blogging Site Theme 

This is the most important point mostly bloggers mistake in the selection of the guest blogging site. When you select a site for guest blogging it must match with your site theme fully or at least partially. I mean if your site is related to technology then selected site must also belong to tech or at least have tech as a submenu. Guest Blogging site theme must be related to your site theme otherwise you can skip it and search for a new site.

2-Check the Stats of Guest Blogging Site 

When a selected site completes our first formality then move towards another point. Now you can check the selected site Stats like domain authority, page authority, trust flow, citation flow if you found all these stats good then you must check the organic traffic graph of the site what is the status of it organic searches you can also use this software named semrush. If it is also good then you can choose this site for further verification. 

3-Start Writing a Guest Post

Now you get a good site for guest blogging and start writing content for the guest blogging site its length must not be less than 700-words and also free from plagiarism, grammatical errors etc. You can also hire the services of a quality writer from freelancing sites. You can add your site link in this content and now ready to go.

4-Contact Webmaster/Editor/Publisher 

Now you can directly contact the webmaster of the selected and offer them a guest post for publishing on his site. If the site has submitting section where you can submit your guest content then do it. If your content rejected by the Admin then you need some editing according to the selected site guideline. Please modify your content and resend after it.

5-Guest Publishing Fees 

Mostly Bloggers well come to the guest blogging content but sometimes they charge a fee for guest blogging you can pay the few dollars for your website ranking. It will not cost you much but give your site new wings for flying in the google search engine.
How to Guest Blogging in UK

6-Ask to Share your Content on Social Media

Mostly Bloggers also share the post in their own social media channels you didn't need to request them. But some bloggers don't do that until you request them to share your content also in their social forums. When you submit your content please don't forget to ask them for social media sharing because it will give your content to high wings for flying in the digital world.

7-Get Back Link 

When a blogger accepts your guest content it will send back you a link of your published post. You can also search it in google weather your post is indexed by Google or not. Successfully now you complete the whole process of guest blogging. It will help your site for gaining excellent ranking in search results but also convert a stream of traffic towards your website. Your site's subscriber list will increase day by day and you start getting more leads for your clients.

Friday, 8 February 2019

Increase Your Website Organic Traffic 50,000 plus Unique Visitors

If you want to increase the bulk of organic traffic of your website then you can do it easily by following some methods and techniques. The most important thing is that whenever you use some different techniques to give boost your organic traffic then you must have to keep watching on results and examine the results by applying different methods then after applying many methods you can also make reports and select the successful methods and can apply again and again for gaining good results and ranking.
How to Increase your website Organic Traffic in UK

1-Link Identification and Analysis   

When you hire an SEO Agency for link building you even didn't check what type of links they establish for your website either they are useful for your site or harmful for your site or they follow a black hat method or white hat. I notice that most people even don't think about such things how your SEO company is working. But I think you have to keep an eye on what is your SEO company doing for your website ranking you can use these tools to keeping an eye on. You can use Majestic, Ahref, Open Site Explorer, Google Webmaster

2-Find Out Good and Bad Links

Now you can get a list of your site's linked domains just download in CSV file. If you have a deep knowledge about the SEO and have experience in this field then you can check manually from this list which link is harmful from a TLD or URL point of view or useful for your site and you can also remove it. If you have not much knowledge about it then you can also use this tool Link Detox.

3-Remove further Manual Links

When you sort out above good and bad links profile now it's a time to remove it. You can remove the networks link via your SEO agency. You can also contact the bloggers manual and ask them to remove your links and they also charge a fee to you. You can also do this by using Whois Data Website, Onsite Website contact forms. You can use everything for getting remove these links before moving to the Google Disavow Tool.

4-Request Google for Reconsideration 

After that, you can send a request for reconsideration to the Google team. Many webmasters send requests to the Google team for reconsideration. At the peak time, it will take 15-30 days for the reply back to the user queries. In this reconsideration request, you have to honestly explain google about your all mistakes for last SEO agency and also send them a file of removed links. Google will take some time for this reconsideration approval but you don't worry about it just wait for google response.

5-High Quality Content Creation 

When Google accept your reconsideration request, Now time to focus on Quality Content Strategy and link building with 100% related high DA, PA domains. You can also focus on market-related hot topics and start writing content on these for targeting your audience. You can also search in Google Trends for finding out hot topics for getting quality Traffic from Google. Content Strategy is always important for every niche without this you can not get excellent ranking.

6-High Quality Link Building 

In today times High-Quality Link Building is a very important part of SEO for the ranking of your website. Link Building is changing dramatically and every buddy uses different methods for link building strategy. You can manually outreach to the quality domains and offer them quality content for your site's link building.  

7-Implementation of Schema markup and Author Bio

You can also use schema markup in this method you can add your post image in the google search results it will create an excellent impression to the visitor and also increase your site ranking. You can also do the same thing with the author bio and can add it in Google search results of your every post it will also increase your site ranking and audience as well.
How to Increase your website Organic Traffic in UK

8-Use Advance Paid Tools for Long Tail Keywords Selection

For the selection of long tail keywords, you have to use paid tools for the seek of advance data searches. You must have to use a strong long tail keywords strategy for gaining excellent results. I recommend you to use these tools for great data searches like soovle, jaaxy , Google Search Console, ahrefs etc. These paid tools will help you to sort out more keywords for your site.

9-Keep Watching Everything and do Quality Work

You must do quality work and monitor your site, It's the effect on the site whatever you do with it. You can also use some monitoring tools for this purpose like SEOmoz, Webmaster Tool. I advise you to monitor your site's parameters daily and start improving it on a daily base. Because little negligence can cost you a lot. 

Friday, 1 February 2019

10 Most Advance Techniques for Increasing your Website Organic Traffic

Organic Traffic is the most important thing because it is directly related to the SEO of your website. It is opposite to the paid traffic. When your site rank in google against a particular keyword and Google increase your site visibility in search engine results then user finds your site at the first page against any search query this traffic is pure organic traffic. This is possible only with the SEO of your site by focusing the keywords in your site content and your sites linked pages. You can say that all functions in SEO are for getting ranking and for gaining organic traffic.
How to increase your Website Organic Traffic

1-Focus on Visitors Experience   

This is also a big factor for search engine ranking that what visitors are actually thinking about your site what is the user's reaction either they like your website design, Content etc. Google also even detect what user found in your content useful information or just read it and close it. Google named it rank brain factor for ranking it.

2- Potential Video Content

Video marketing of your content is a very important way of gaining a more new audience. It is well-known fact that the video marketing trend is growing day by day. Today your site can't grow without video content. You can make your site channel on youtube and post your video content here you will get a huge amount of free traffic from this.

3-Rank for Feature Snippets 

10% of search results have feature snippet. These are results shows right after the google ads. It is also used as an advanced technique for getting the clicks on your site. By using this method you can also earn free organic traffic easily. They usually have an image, video, table, or important points mention in the post for capturing the first cover of the audience.

4-Create Long-form Content 

This is also a method used for SEO of your site. When you write content for your site two things kept in mind first one whatever you choose the topic for content you must have to cover it completely and the second thing is your content must be 1500-2000 words at least.No information related to your topic must be skipped. 

5-Maximise Your Visitors Engagement 

You can maximize your visitor's engagement by following these tips.
Arrange your old and new posts in a sequence which is easy to ready for the visitors and always edit theirs according to the nature of your audience.
Include highly related links in the posts which is easy to increase the readability and relevance of your content.
Use LSI Keywords your content must not be so simple that only focus on the key topics it must also include the answers of relevant questions as well.
Contain multiple ways for content it means your content must include the related images, videos, infographics etc. This will attract your visitors more and explain everything more.

6-Use Voice Search 

You have to ask your writer to optimize your content for voice search. Voice search technology is from new growing fast trends. Keep the focus on using geo-targeted keywords. It means the use of keywords for local searches. Most voice searches are for local SEO. You can use this tip for local Business SEO.
How to increase your Website Organic Traffic

7-Focus on Mobile Indexing 

Now Google considers mobile-friendly sites as a primary condition. It means for better ranking your site must be mobile friendly and must be optimized for different devices like mobile, pro books, tablets etc. Your site must be optimized with respect to different operating systems like windows, mac, app etc.

8-Increase Your Site CTR

Your site click through rate must be high because it shows the seriousness of your audience and engagement of your audience with your website.
Write headlines for increasing the impressions of your website.
Use powerful words in a headline for getting a response from searchers.
Include parenthesis and brackets in the title for drawing audience attention.
Write a strong meta description that sets your posts.

9-Reduce Bounce Rate

Grab the new visitors attention by using an attractive theme and eye-catching designing. It will help to decrease your website bounce rate. Use internal links for moving visitors. Create custom 404 pages for in any case when your site is not loading, in this case, you should have to prepare an error page for saving from a bounce back.

10-Increase Your Site Authority 

Try to make links with high authority sites in your relevant niches by sharing related content. Increase your social proofs through reviews and by using testimonial. You SSL certificate for increasing your site authenticity in front of your audience. You need to create a Google business card for your website for increasing your site authority. It is a Google card which creates confidence in your audience that you are visiting a genuine company.

Wednesday, 30 January 2019

Importance of Quality Content in SEO

No one can deny the importance of content in the SEO of your website. Because Google also counts that what are the errors in your content how poor your writing is what is the word strength of your web content also even count that what is the reaction of your content what is the bounce rate of your content how much people like your posts and what they get from it. Google also count the satisfaction of your audience from your provided information.
Importance of Quality Content in SEO

What is SEO Article Writing?

It means write content and keep the focus on your keywords and over stuff them just to realize the search engine when the user enters query related to these keywords just rank our site and show it as the most relevant source of information for the visitor. You use the keywords in the title of the page and in the web post. Basically, you use a strategy and use keywords again and again in the post just overstuff it and try to consider it most related post in equivalence of user search query that's it. Here I would like to share the five key points which are more beneficial for your SEO purposes.

SEO needs the strategic use of keywords in the content 

It is fact that without using keywords in the content you can't get ranking also many new advanced techniques are also available in the market for your web post ranking but it is also a compulsory part of your SEO. You must not use the keywords over stuffing except that you should follow the strategic flow of keywords in the content like in the post title, starting, mid and ending points only.

Social Media Validation of Your Content 

Many bloggers use social media validation for the ranking of their posts for this purpose your social media channels must have a strong influence amongst the audience and also your content quality must be high and contain a huge source of information for your audience. In this way, you can get a lot more new visitors each day.

Quality Back Links for Your Content

If you are able to produce quality content for your daily blog posts then you start getting links from outsourcing resources. For example when you share your content in social media and your content is a valuable source of information and you share it in related circle or group then after some time you examine that it starts going to be viral and start getting more shares, likes, comments, retweets etc then many blogger start giving backlinks to your blog post it will start increasing your backlinks automatically without putting extra efforts on it.

Google need Quality Content for Ranking

 Very simple logic is behind that Google rank images in image section and content in the main section that's why if your content is a valuable source of information then Google also start ranking it on the base of different factors but one of them is the content itself. Poor quality content also didn't pass the checks applied by Google and starting it down and down which will cause of lower your ranking.
Importance of Quality Content in SEO

Content Writing to the Truth Worthy Information

Google is working on a new algorithm that will detect the information you provide in your content is truly worthy or authentic. If yes then it will automatically start improving your website ranking if not then it will start decreasing your ranking. Because Google wants to provide only authentic and reliable information to the audience. They also think about creating links between authentic pages for improving the Google users search experience as well.


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Wednesday, 30 January 2019 Importance of Quality Content in SEO