Monday, 14 January 2019

7 Simple SEO Tips for Beginners

Some people think that Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is a complex set of steps and hard to follow them due to changes in the Google algorithms and user searching behavior. That's also a true fact but it is not so much hard as many people think about it. With little practice and a little study, you will easily learn how to make a suitable balance between the changes in the Google algorithms and user search queries variation trends. We can simply divide the SEO in 9-steps for the simplicity of the beginners. We will discuss in detail all these 9 steps.

Learn Simple SEO Tips

1-Keywords Research and Analysis 

Keywords research is the most initial and most important phase of your's site SEO. But for completing this phase you don't need to be SEO expert or SEO guru with a little bit knowledge of SEO you can easily select a most reliable set of keywords for the ranking of your site. You have to choose the keywords which have less competition and more search volumes. For this purpose, you can use these tools to help keywords planner,spyfu, long tail pro.

2-Spy on Your Competitors Sites

Every SEO expert knows the importance of this thing. It not only just read the blog post of your competitors and follow them on different social media forums. You need to know about the deep research about your competitors for this purpose you can use different paid tools for the seek of simplicity. These tools don't cost you much more than $50 like you can use semrush, Alexa, spy web.

3-Follow up an On-Page SEO List for Checking 

On the page, SEO is for boosting up your site pages and it consists of few things which you have to focus on the page title, meta description, header tags, URL  you have to study about little in this post in detail On Page Seo. After that, you can use them carefully. If you are still in a problem you can also use this paid tool brightedge.

4-Publish Only Quality Content on Your Site 

This is also the most important feature of SEO you have to hire expert writers for writing your site's daily blog posts. content must not less than 500-words each article and continuously post on daily bases for increasing your audience and newsletter subscribers. It will also increase the reputation of your site among the readers. For hiring, quality content writers use these forums FreelancerUpwork, Fiverr, People per hour

5-Get External Backlinks 

Backlinks are very important for Google search engine ranking factor. You can get links by manual methods and also you can software for building links but our preferred method is manual because they look more natural the other. In this way, you can directly outreach to the other bloggers and send them quality content for getting backlinks.

6-Start measuring SEO Performance 

When you are doing SEO of your site most people read about new and fantastic ideas for growing ranking and organic traffic many of them can be useful but you have to select these ideas only from trustable sources only. Because if you use a fake idea it can be harmful to your newborn site. So be careful about that. After using any new trick or technique you have to keep an eye on the analytics of your site what this new method does. So check your site's performance on a daily base.

Learn Simple SEO Tips

7-Always Continue SEO Learning 

Learning is the step which should not stop until your grave. You should have to learn about new methods, Tips, Tricks used by the other people for the seek of ranking of their sites and got succeeded. You can also use the methods for improving your Google ranking and organic traffic. You can try out some new tutorials for the learning of your SEO. If you try hard and hard to get success in any field of life not only SEO one day you will be succeeded. Never stop hardworking in your life.
Tutorials for help Neil Patel, Brian Dean, Lynda.

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