Wednesday, 23 January 2019

8 Initial SEO Steps For Your Website

When you lounge a new website or planning to build a new website from this stage you have to think about the SEO of your site or how to get traffic on your site. If you think about it from starting it will save you time. Most people don't care about it and just keep the focus on the theme of the site how to make it attractive and beautiful for eye-catching of your audience. After a few months, people start worried that my site is so attractive but fail to get more new visitors. The reasons are that you don't think about it from the early stages.
Now we will discuss how to start a website with SEO perspectives so that it will save your time and money spend on your site later.
Initial Steps for your website SEO

1-Select a Domain Name 

Select a domain name which is 100% related to your site theme and your site motive also you can use
your domain name as the main keyword of your site for ranking in google search engine. Your domain name should not be confused for your customers. You can also use these tools for domain name suggestions. 

2-Select a Web Hosting 

Google use your site loading speed as a key factor for the ranking of your website amongst the audience if your site content is great and everything looks good but your site loading speed is high then 40 secs google will consider your website a low trustworthy source of information. I suggest you use Host Gator for web hosting of your website.

3-Keywords Research   

This is also a basic and most important part of the initial SEO. You need to select the main idea of your site theme and after that, you can putt your focus on selecting short or long tail keywords for your website. I suggest you use this tool for your keywords research for your site guaranteed ranking of your website

4-Your Site's Architecture 

If you are starting a simple site with few content posts then you can skip this step. But if you are building your brand and want to post new content on daily or weekly bases then you have to manage the architecture of your site from home page to the other most relevant pages before you start it make a hierarchy of your posts with the home page just for managing your posts and contents.

5-Use a Responsive Design

Your website design should be responsive to multiple devices, especially for mobile users. Google recent survey reports show that a large number of audience shifting web browsing from computers to mobile devices like smartphones, mini pro books, mini laptops, tablets etc. So your site must be responsive to all these devices and operating systems used by these devices.
Initial Steps for your Blog SEO

6-Optimize URL's Pages 

Optimize all the pages URL's of your website according to the architecture hierarchy diagram of your site which will help you to guide which thing should be optimized first. You can sort out these with the help of your keywords. Please arrange everything should be in a sequence and not randomly selected.

7-Write Meta Description  

Write your site meta description carefully it must be unique and related to your post avoid adding none related things in the meta description. You can also use your major keywords in the meta description and try to explain everything which is inside your post so that your site bounce rate will also decrease in this way.

8-Submit Site Map to Google 

Before crawling your website pages to the google you have to submit a site map to google via google search console through this google will recognize that how many pages are in your site and how to index them for generating more appearance in front of search users. Here is the google search console link you can access it and submit your map.

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