Saturday, 12 January 2019

8 Simple Ways to Increase the Domain Authority of Your Website

Domain Authority of the site is like a certificate by the Google provide to each site what is the worth of a site in the google search engine. High domain authority of your site shows the strength of your site among many sites in the google bot. If your site has high domain authority you can get more organic traffic flow as you are a trustable source of information for the people in a certain theme.
Learn How to Increase Domain Authority

1-Select an Excellent Domain Name

When you are starting a website, first of all, you have to select a domain name which must be 100% related to your site theme. At least your site theme included in this name. If you see our domain name we select learn SEO practically so we chose the domain name which is our mission or purpose of theme and what about we are writing and want to guide people. 

2-On-Page Content Optimisation 

SEO used for both purposes search engine ranking and increase in domain authority so please make sure that your on-page code is optimized completely title tags, image alt tags and content itself. Include all changes in the main keywords your permalinks should be short and related. Create a sidebar section for the new articles.

3-Create Quality Content for outbound links

Always publish Quality Content on your site which you share on different media will help you to generate new outbound quality links for your site from outside and it will also help your site for gaining great gain in authority of your site. So always concentrate on the great quality of content and regularly posting will also help you to gain high authority.

4-Improve your Internal links

Many Blogger deeply plan about internal links it will also help your visitor for getting more knowledge from the reliable sources and it also increases your web post credibility. So when you read a blog post for going to be live please check the internal links carefully must be relevant to your site topic and not out related.

5- Always find and remove bad links 

Go through the link profile of your site and remove the none relevant links. Because such links will down your domain authority and can be proved so harmful to your site. Broken links and another type of links which you found are not suitable for your site you can kill them and it will also help your site for in the cleaning process.

6-Mobile Friendly Site 

There are millions of internet users browse web posts from a mobile phone. If your site is not optimized for mobile yet then you are far behind. Please make your site responsive and friendly for mobile users and increase your traffic and get new visitors each day. Mobile responsiveness of your site will also increase your site domain authority. So please make sure that your site is more responsive to any user.
Learn How to Increase Domain Authority

7-Increase Loading Speed of your Website 

When a user click on your site link and if it will take much time to load on then it will certainly close your site URL and goes to the next site for visiting this thing putt a bad impact on your site and your site bounce rate definitely increased day by day and also you will lost many new visitors and your site will get negative feedback and your all efforts can go waste only. You can use this tool by the Google developers for checking the loading speed of your site and also suggest you how to increase it.

8-Share your content on Social Media 

Today social media is very much important factor of your site ranking because you always get pure visitors from social forums so keep posting on all available social media sites and comments on posts and share your regular posts if other people found your content valuable then they share in own circles and it will also help to increase your audience and traffic as well. It is also a golden opportunity for your site to get ranking.

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