Tuesday, 15 January 2019

9 Simple and Free Tools for improving your SEO

There is a wide range of different tools can be used for improving your site SEO the thing is that these tools are totally free of cost you just have to read a little bit about the use of these tools and after that, you can try it. In daily life routine, you notice that every skill full job need some tools for proper management like a plumber, electrician etc. Same principles also work in almost every field of life especially in the field of SEO. Because you have to measure many things like Domain Authority, Page Authority and many more in SEO. Every one use different tools weave also listed below some important tools.
Learn How to use Free SEO Tools

1-Google Page Speed Checker 

This tool is used for calculating the loading speed of your website and also check the performance of your website on different devices like on pc, laptop, pro book etc. It not only find the errors in your site but also suggests you how to improve and overcome the errors. This tool is also used for checking your site performance and loading on mobile devices. List of these tools buffer, Pingdom, Gtmertix, Web page test.

2-Moz Local Listing 

Moz collects data from 10 different sources like google, yelp, Facebook and shows you the list of how your local business looks like on the different media sources. By using this data you can easily find out the errors and problem in your site and you have to find out the ways to solve these issues so that your site Moz Local Listing can be better.

3-Keyword tool dot io

This tool is basically used for searching new long tail keywords related to your site theme. You just have to enter a keyword in this tool and it will sort out a list of related long tail keywords list you can also select the most suitable keywords for your site ranking. Keywords sorted by this tool have much google searching worth. I always recommend using this tool keywordtool.io.

4-Google Analytics Tool  

This tool is mostly used for calculating the traffic and other stats related to your site. The traffic calculation of this tool contains amazing and most accurate results as compared to another tool there are so many tools available in the market like for organic traffic checker semrush, analytics tool.  

5-Google Search Console plus webmaster 

These webmaster tools continuously examine the status of your site like indexing, errors, reports. They actually keep an eye on your site check the CTR, traffic, CPC and all other related stats if there is an issue in your sites these tools will alert you that your site is going to take wrong turns in this way you can alert about everything before the accident of your site. Example of these tools is a jetpack, Yoast, word press plugin.

6-Ahref Backlink Checker 

The free version of ahref backlinks checker only shows the 99 backlinks of any website/URL along with it also show the other rating factors like domain rating, URL rating as well. This tool is only used for the link analysis of any website and check the worth and quantity of links for any site in the paid version it also adds some new features and enhances the backlinks list. This is the ahref site link.

7-Moz Link Explorer Tool

The free version of this tool shows you the link analysis of your site total number of inbound and outbound links it shows you the full upcoming and outgoing links also show you the deceased link and newly born links. Here you can find this tool Moz link tool.
Learn How to use Free SEO Tools

8-Check The Google Trends

This tool is used for showing you the google latest search about any brand related keywords in a certain period of time. It is very useful for building your own brands you can check the related searching trends and can also get more awareness about how to grow your own brand in the current scenario. You can get all this information free of cost here you can find it Google Trends.

9-Web Page Analyzer Tool

This tool is used for the comprehensive analysis of your website it shows you the missing alt-tags, Image tags, header, and almost everything about the on-page SEO errors. If you want to check the on page errors in your website then you can feel free to use this tool for sorting the current problems faced by your site. If you use this tool carefully then you will get the full on page SEO errors and you can solve them one by one easily by using Web Page Seo Analyzer Tool.

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