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9 Smart Ways to Earn Back links for your Website

Backlinks mean the sites link your site and in this way, they offer you a vote that your site content is a reliable source of information and your content is authentic. It is a major factor of ranking in the google search engine also a good way of getting more organic traffic for your site and your site also get more popular among the user's many people use different methods and techniques to earn these links.

Learn How to earn Backlinks for your website
Don't only trust on your SEO services providing company you 've to check the backlinks quality of your site by yourself because the site offers you backlink should have more organic traffic and have higher authority then your site when google crawl your site it particularly focus on backlink profile of your site.let's start about the methods of getting backlinks.

1-Broken Link Building Technique  

In this method you can detect the broken backlinks in the other sites and after getting it you can contact to the webmaster of the site and ask him to remove this link with your site link and he will definitely add your site link but first you 've to check the ranking of another site if it is higher then your site you can use this link if another site is low then your's in this case you can skip this site and find new one for your site.

2-Get Backlinks via infographics 

Infographics are the best of getting organic traffic towards your site people mostly like to see the visual date. First, you have to choose a suitable topic for your audience you can also watch the hot topics in the market related to your business you can generate a new related idea and can share with your audience via infographic submission. If you earn 9 backlinks on per infographic submission and each cost you $5 then total cost you about $45. It is very less price than the webmaster publishing fees.
If your infographic goes viral then you will get much more popular in the new growing audience.

3-Benefits of Guest Post 

Guest Blogging is also the most effective way of getting for traffic from other sites. In this way, you can write an article and send for publishing on other high-quality sites in your related theme. By using this method you can easily outreach to the new audience and can get more interested visitors and also get more publicity and can create your brand awareness in the other people you can also get a link from other high authority sites.

4-Spy Your Competitors Sites 

If you really want to rank your site then you should have to keep an eye on your competitor's sites what they are doing for their sites. If your competitors sites are high ranked then you should have to follow their techniques their social media influence, Content marketing methods used by the other people and also chase your competitors methods and try to follow them and think about t how to do   
much better then your competitor if you can do better otherwise only follow them at least.

5-Build up internal backlinks   

You have to create a better internal links profile and related to your theme. Internal backlinks must be related to your site relevant topics only and not irrelevant to your theme. Make a strong internal backlink profile will help your site to get more google search engine ranking in a natural way.

6-Promote Your Content on Different Sites

Great quality content is not enough for your site if you don't know how to promote your content in the audience. Different methods can be used for content promotion on different media you can use e-mail marketing and can target to the bloggers and webmasters for your content promotion and ask them to promote your content in the monthly roundups.

7-Write Testimonial for Your Website  

You can get a backlink by writing a testimonial for the required site in this way you can get a backlink from a high authority site without any special effort. You have to write a testimonial content for the guest sites and you can get a free link easily. 

Learn How to earn Backlinks for your website

8-Contact Journalist for the promotion 

You can contact with journalist and ask them to spread words about your business in their regular columns it will bring the attention of lot's of people towards your blog and Business and help you gain more traffic. For this purpose, you can use the e-mail outreach service for communicating with these persons. Manually it is too much hard for you that why you can use software like voilanorbert , Mailfinder, Findemails.

9-Donation Method for Backlink

This is a very simple method in this way you have to find donating sites in your theme and you can send you link to this site and donate some money and can get back a link to your website. Your search for many sites in this method and can use all of them with together for backlinks. It will cost you about $50 to $70 for each site and will support your site.

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