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Complete Process of On Page SEO

Learn One Page SEO
For the seek of understanding we can divide the SEO work into two major and important parts one of them is on page SEO which is basically include the basic work from the start of your niche we can also divide it into 10-steps and discuss them in detail. 

1-Key Words Research

This is the first step you have to use the software for searching the keywords for your site theme and after that, you can sort out the keywords which have less competition and more US monthly search volume. You can use the keywords long tail which is the best for the website competitive advantage also you have to check the keywords repetition and keywords density.

2-Focus on Good Commercial Keywords

You have to use the keywords which have a high commercial rating and generating sales by the other companies you can also use tools which can generate the reports for you to sort out the most deliberate keywords used by the other companies for commercial sells. You can use the keywords to have a high rate of CPC (cost per click) and also have a high rate for PPC (pay per click) from Google Ad-words. You can collect date from the historically gathers from the other campaigns also use free online website analysis tools for gathering data like semrush, keyword spy, keywords planner

3-Mechanical Elements of On Page SEO

In this section, we use title tag, Meta Tags, and paragraph heading (h1,h2,h3) it will increase the user response of your site and help to gain more unique visitors also add image alt tags and image title tags. Use user-friendly URL'S and Arrange keywords and use long tail keywords also add internal links.

4-Content Optimisation  

Now you can start writing content for your site words strength should be 1000-1500 words and you can also use frequently asked question section to gain a large amount of free traffic towards your site. You can start optimizing your content and it gives a huge boost to your site for growth.

5-How to improve Title Tag and Meta description tag

A well-written title tag and page title will greatly increase the rate of organic traffic towards your blog and it will decrease the bounce rate of your site. Avoid the duplicate title tag and stay with the limit of 50-character and the limit for the meta tag should be not more than 250-characters.

6-Improve Heading Tags 

You have to use the all heading tags exactly in a sequence they should be in like H1, H2, H3, H4.
Page title tag must be related to the keywords variations. First, decide how many no of heading you would like to use the paragraph and also don't forget to use alt image alt tag for the descriptive visuals

7-Choice keywords list 

 Select individual semantic keywords, long tail keywords and LSI keywords which are mostly used for the depth of coverage of overall page paragraph and paragraph subheading.

8-Add visual content, multimedia, Images, Videos    

For more user engagement you can add videos and images it will also enhance your Audience and decrease the bounce back rate of your site. You can also use the charts, Info-graphics and embed the YouTube videos in it for more explanation and more user interest. 
Learn One Page SEO

9-Responsive Web Design, Secure Website

Your site design must be unique and free from copy escape and have a great and interesting look as well. Your site design must be user-friendly and eye-catching which is basically can decrease the bounce back rate of your site.
You can use the SSL certificate for the security of your site it will cost you a little bit more but it deserves it. It will make your site more secure and safe from hackers.

10-Ongoing SEO

This part of SEO is always in continuous mode it includes the Google Analytics data records which will provide you new ideas about the new search of keywords and create new content will grow your site and take it to the top roof of the Google first page ranking. Proofreading and expend in the theme will open new doors and opportunities for your site.

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