Saturday, 12 January 2019

How to Increase Organic Traffic of Your Website

The major challenge for any Business is to get proper attention to the new growing audience and convert them into new clients. If you already use many methods and also paid advertisement and get nothing from this only your competitors search your site and you get no more attention by the new clients.
Now you don't need to pay on high costs on pay-per-click or Google Adwords for your business growth and advertisement there are so many methods and techniques which can be used free of cost only they take your little attention and time.
How to get Organic Traffic

Optimize your site for the audience, not for search engine 

First of all, be a focus on your targeted audience and write content for your client's circle and explain them about your services very clearly and don't putt your full focus on the keywords and not to make your content is like the mixture of keywords only. You 've to target your client and explain to him about your services not only the keywords over stuffing to rank your site. If you focus on your client and write about it automatically your site start ranking and your searches also increases as well.

Start Blogging   

It is also the best way to get more organic traffic towards your site. You can start blogging and write quality content for your audience and capture them and start writing about your services and packages and promotional events and offers. Please don't use poor or spammy content for your blog it will lose your all efforts.

Comment Posting 

This is also important for your site, You can search the sites which is related to your niche and can start commenting on the posts of other people and you can also paste your site URL it will also improve your visibility and brand awareness among the audience.

Select long tail Key Words 

Don't use only the keywords used by the other people in your theme, Select the long tail suitable keywords and go into more depth so that search engines get more knowledge about your brand and can select your site in the top pages for this brand and it will also help you to rank better.

Use carefully Meta title, URL, Description  

When you publish a new post on your site please add these three components carefully in the new post use meta title exactly according to your content and also you can use it as a URL or you can use different URL.In the description use only the key points which include the mean theme of your post no need to describe every detail about previously published posts.

Create Quality Content 

Always create quality content for your site and share about new creative ideas about your business you can post 3-4 content posts on a daily base but should not violate the quality of content. In this term quality is a higher value of gaining more and more than the quantity. But also don't push your hands down from publishing content you should have to write on and off and post.

Use Internal Links

In new posts, you can add internal links related to the topic for more extra knowledge for the visitor.
In this way, you can increase the credibility of your site and also good for the searching algorithms of Google search engine. You can add these links with the no-follow property because Google didn't allow so many do-follow links in a single post you can use one or two do-follow links in the post but not more than that.
How to get Organic Traffic

Get more External Links 

When you write a content with new idea and no one in the market have it before such type of content start getting more and more external links from the good authority sites it will also able to increase your google ranking and you can also encourage people like friend and family to support your site and give them external links. When your site gets more and more external links to the google search engine found your site more reliable and more trustworthy among the people.

Use Social Media  

In the modern era, any buddy can realize the importance of social media. You should have to make the social media presence of your site and make the pages of your site on most famous social sites like facebooklinkedin, Google+, Twitter etc.

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