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How to use Google Analytics for Measuring Your Site Traffic

Google Analytics is free and easy to use you can take a deep view of each new campaign. It is helpful for checking the results of your every new effort you putt on your website for growing its organic traffic. It will maximize your SEO and discover how to get success from your running campaign and how to start a new campaign to get more benefits.Let's move towards how to use it.
How to use Google Analytics for SEO

Setup a Google Analytics Account 

First of all, you have to set up a new google analytics account if have not before. If you have already your account then we can start work from it. After that, we start working on it. If you are using CMS  or WordPress or hosting service that has made a ready installation for you. You must use these built-in features provided by companies. 

Understand Your Google Analytics Account

 When a new user enters into the GA's interface it looks like something confusing you about it but you don't worry about it.GA's is the combination of two navigational bars top navigational bar contain the information about the account level and the instead of reporting section which includes the information about analytic data. The side navigational bar contains all the options of drilling into the analytics data. Now we discuss a little bit about the internal functions of the nav bars in detail.

Down Navigational Bar Functions 

It contains the following submenus with certain specific functions.
Dashboard: Like other dashboards, it also works on the same principle and shows the overview of all important activities performing inside with figures calculations you can familiar with this after little examination.
Shortcuts: When you drill down in the data and want to get back a quick return you just have to press this button it will allow you to a quick return.
Intelligence Events: This is used for generating automatic alerts when something goes wrong with your site they generate a warning message for you. Custom Alerts can also be generated with it which will alert you from certain threats also.
Real Time: As it appears from the name it will generate results for you in the run time. You check this it will show how many people are watching your site in last second which post and click on which link etc it's a run time data report.
Audience: This will provide you the information about your site's visitors who are watching your website and from which location and using what type of device like mobile, PC and using what type of technology like operating system Mac, Windows, Apple etc.
Acquisition: In this section, it shows you how your audience reaches you. I mean by using google search engine through keywords ranking or by social media posts or by backlinks of your site.

Top Navigational Bar Functions 

The top navigational bar is very simple to use it linked multiple properties to the same page. The admin section looks difficult at first after that when you use it regularly it becomes easier to use.
The GA account shows different user options with domain perspectives. There is a property in this account if you have many subdomains it show you the GA account sub-options used on all these domains.
Finally, you have the view of which specific version using on your own web.

How to use Google Analytics for an SEO campaign 

In the above, we discuss how to use GA in detail. This tool is basically used for getting more and more information about your site current situation. All the get it information will help you how to make your site from 0 to 10.We just have to make the changes in the site on the page and off page SEO and let see what results putt on your site with your changes just keep your eye on GA radar. You have to keep watching the below mention aspects.

How much Organic Traffic of your Website?

First of all, you have to check how much organic traffic is coming on your site. It's a none paid traffic only via google search results. Basically, we have to check the amount of organic traffic on your website. You have to go to the GA's Acquisition option and check this detail in the overview section just click on the medium button and get these results.
After this, you have to check the GA's queries section for sorting the keywords which are used by you and good for your site and try to unlock those keywords which you use but are failing to get organic traffic on your site. So just left following these keywords which have not traffic flow and try to promote the keywords which have a heavy amount of organic traffic.
How to use Google Analytics for SEO

Where to focus your SEO work 

Navigate your landing pages under SEO then you 'll find the list of top pages you have to pass through these options for collecting information from these pages.
Check Number of Clicks: In this way, you check the number of clicks on your blog posts. The posts which get a high number of views please update them and the posts have low views be work on those pages how to rank them in google through multiple variations in the keywords. 
Check Impression of Posts: Those articles which drive less traffic you can also work on the set of those pages in this section work on them and try to generate more traffic for those pages as well.
Average Position: Check the pages which have the position 3-4 in the ranking you have just try a little kick to the coveted 1-5 spots.Where they can generate organic traffic many times.

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How to use Google Analytics for Measuring Your Site Traffic

Google Analytics is free and easy to use you can take a deep view of each new campaign. It is helpful for checking the results of your eve...

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