Tuesday, 29 January 2019

Latest Updates in Google Algorithms and it's effect on SEO

Google's engineers are always busy and indulge in making changes and updates in already existing search algorithms. Google has to compete with other search engines like bing, yahoo etc for showing more accurate and more relevant results against a user query. Many people notice this thing when you search in google engine you will found more accurate results than other resources. The reason behind is google algorithms updates and daily effort of google engineering staff. Updates in Google algorithms are also the need of time.
Latest Google Algorithms Updates for UK

1-Humming Bird 

Humming Bird is the new search plate forum used by Google since September 2013. This algorithm is used for focusing on the whole search query enter by the visitor and shows results against the whole query not only focus on the words but also understand the meaning of the full sentence what user need or what user searching for. This algorithm sharp the google search engine results as well.

2-Google Mobile-Friendly Update  

April 21, 2015, Google released a new update algorithm for mobile phones. It makes the web pages more useful to with mobile interface. This is also named as mobilegeddon in the history of Google. You can test either your web page is mobile friendly for Google also just check it on this tool. This also increases a large number of internet user from a mobile phone. It also makes web browsing more easy and reliable from a mobile phone.

3-Google Panda Update

Panda update is basically related to the search results filter introduced by Google in February 2011. This filter stops the sites contain poor quality content on the first page of google. Actually, it throws the sites in a waste bin from the first page it will cause of losing ranking by many sites. But It will improve the results for the Google search engine users.

4-Google Penguin Update

Google lounged penguin update in April 2012. It turns out all sites from the first page how buy link from network sites for ranking and spamming sites throw out from google ranking into the dust bin. It is useful for Google users but it loses ranking for many sites. People hit with this also start removing bad links and none related links and private network sites links.

5- Google Pay Day Update 

It lounged by Google on June 11,2013. This new algorithm starts targeting the spammy search queries and starts removing from Google such as payday loan, pornographic and other heavy spammed queries. It will also clear search results and more visible other authentic pages.
Latest Google Algorithms Updates for UK

6-Google Private Update 

Google private update a filter in August 2012 designed to stop the sites from many copyright infringements sections and start to stop copied content or theme sites as well.Google DMCA system filed from well ranking in google listing. This filter always in search of new sites violet the copyright and start copying content and throw them out from Google ranking circles when a site update all and start the following copyright then again google start ranking.

7-Exact Match Domain Update 

EMD filter is lounged by Google in September 2012. It will stop ranking of poor quality sites with low-quality domains. Because these sites have words that match with the domain name. Poor quality content sites stop ranking and stop by this filter you can recover from this filter by using quality content and by selecting domain name related to your site theme.

8-Google Top Heavy Update 

This Update is lounged by Google in January 2012. This is prevention by Google for stopping sites from heavy Advertisement Ads. Google lose the ranking of all sites which have over stuffing ads and lots of sponsorship opportunities. Google doesn't stop advertisement on sites but it is against the sites how are just ads machines no use of audience google throws them out these ads machines from the first page. 

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