Tuesday, 8 January 2019

Learn Free SEO at Home

Learn Free SEO SEO stands for search engine optimization the practically it means the visibility of your site in any search engine like Google, Yahoo, Bing. How much your site is visible against the user search queries sorted against your site theme. It means if your site is related to the tech then if a user searches for anything about tech how many keywords of your site is ranked in search engine which is most relevant to the user search queries.
Google and other search engine use many algorithms for the processing for most relevant results for the user many key factors involve in it but your keywords research must be so strong and your content must be 100% related to the theme of your niche. Every Buddy has it's own opinion
about the SEO the reason is that everyone uses own method to win the goal many methods can be 100% right for gaining good results. But most can pull down your site so you must have to be aware of everything about the right and wrong ways to avoid these mistakes for gaining excellent results.
You must have to use all things in small quantity and have patience because anything more can be sour your

How to Start SEO

You didn't need to spend money on your site for the seek of excellent ranking you just have a little knowledge of how search engine work and how to execute the related search queries for the user. Ranking factors of Google are as:

* Secure and Accessible Site
*Site Page Loading Speed 
*Domain Age, Domain Authority, URL
*Content Optimisation 
*Technical SEO
*User Experience
*Sites Inbound and Out Bound links
Learn Free SEO

For security for your site, you must take the SSL certificate and your site URL will convert from HTTP to https. s stand for secure now your site is safe. SSL protects your data when it loads from your browser to the website server. You can make your site more accessible just to make sure that your site is keyboard friendly. Add alt text to all images also use headers to structure your content correctly. Enable resize text that doesn't break your site. Your site page loading speed on every device should fast. Your site should be mobile friendly. Content should be unique and free from plagiarism. All technical work is in on-page SEO should be performed completely step by step. Your site graphics should be eye-catching and friendly design attract everyone and decrease the bounce rate of your site also. Domain Authority should be maximum in other posts we will study in detail what is domain authority and how to maximize it. User Experience with your site should be great whatever user search in your should full fill the user needs.


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