Thursday, 10 January 2019

What is Off-Page SEO?

Off-Page SEO contains all the activities which are done from outside of your site for improving the ranking of your site mostly people think link building is off page SEO but not only the link building it consists of all the activities performed by the outside to rank your site in the Google first page is called off-page SEO.
I have some unique techniques for the off-page SEO of your website.
Learn Off-Page SEO

12 Off-Page SEO Techniques for 2019

If you want to rise a true brand in the industry and want to get massive organic traffic for your brand then you must have to use these 12-Techniques for the Off-Page SEO of your site. Off-page SEO techniques will help to improve your site position in SERP.

1-Create Unique and Ideal Content 

Your content must be unique and contain a new idea that is practically based on the true success story.
If your content has something that has a great idea and new approach it can be viral in few mins in all forums and you can get more and more new organic traffic without any extra effort also your content start getting backlinks from other sites and it will give your site a huge push.

2-Outreach to the Influencer in your theme

You can write content and contact them to the influencer in your industry and ask him for the analysis of your blog and you can make a deal with them to share your content and post in their own circles and also can give a link back to your blog. They can cost a price which you have to pay for their services. It is also the fastest way of getting quality links for your brand.

3-Contribute on Big Sites

There are many High-Quality sites that offer contributor writers to share their ideas with their audience you can write a high-quality post and can contribute to these sites and get a more and more new audience. Some of the sites also charge a little bit fee from contributors for publishing their content pieces but there are many free to post.

4-Social Media Appearance 

 The most popular off-page SEO technique is the social media engagement of your site. You must have all social media accounts for your site and daily posts and sharing will create your brand awareness on social forums among the people and add more and more new audience in your circles and increase your brand popularity among social clouds. It will also help your site for gaining new backlinks from different sites.

5-Social Bookmarking Niches

Social bookmarking sites are one of the best practicing methods for the growth of your site. When you start bookmarking of your blog post and web page on social marking site you will gain a great amount of organic traffic from these sites.

6-Forums Posting 

Always participate in the search forums which are mostly related to your site theme or your Business and start making connections with the forum community by answering the asked questions and reply to the threads. You have to use only the do-follow forums.
Like Flickr, Addthis, Career builder.  
Learn Off-Page SEO

7-Submit Your Articles

You can submit your content pieces to the high PR content submitting directories. Make sure that your content is high quality and unique you can include your site link in it. Set a good title of your post and share your idea. If your content is poor or has grammatical mistakes and duplication it might be rejected. Sites links Thefreelibrary, Magportal.

8-Answer the Question 

You can find the High PR sites related to your business theme and answer the questions asked in these sites. It will also help to gain a free stream of traffic towards your site. Give a link to your site which will enhance your visibility and appearance.

9-Submit Infographics    

Create an attractive infographic and add the link of your website or Blog Post and submit on the infographic websites. In today internet world infographic is more popular amongst the users.
It is also a source of free advertisement of your sites on different sites.

10-Share Documents 

You can create document related to your business and can share this file on the document sharing sites and through this, you can also get more publicity without any extra cost and it will also save your time and cost. The document should have unique content and must be in pdf and ppt formats. 

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