Saturday, 9 February 2019

How to choose a Website for Guest Blogging

If you want to get a high ranking for your website and need more organic traffic then it is not possible without guest blogging. It is a major part of off-page SEO. When you complete your website on-page SEO after that you can start for guest blogging. Most people don't know about the method of how to choose a suitable site for guest blogging. They always depend on the SEO companies whatever they find suitable just use them. But remember that your SEO company always choose the sites for guest blogging which cost them less because most companies try to save their expenditures only. They also don't care about the client site so you have to choose the right company for your site's SEO. Whenever you start for guest blogging just remember these below points. 
How to Guest Blogging in UK

1-Must Match Guest Blogging Site Theme 

This is the most important point mostly bloggers mistake in the selection of the guest blogging site. When you select a site for guest blogging it must match with your site theme fully or at least partially. I mean if your site is related to technology then selected site must also belong to tech or at least have tech as a submenu. Guest Blogging site theme must be related to your site theme otherwise you can skip it and search for a new site.

2-Check the Stats of Guest Blogging Site 

When a selected site completes our first formality then move towards another point. Now you can check the selected site Stats like domain authority, page authority, trust flow, citation flow if you found all these stats good then you must check the organic traffic graph of the site what is the status of it organic searches you can also use this software named semrush. If it is also good then you can choose this site for further verification. 

3-Start Writing a Guest Post

Now you get a good site for guest blogging and start writing content for the guest blogging site its length must not be less than 700-words and also free from plagiarism, grammatical errors etc. You can also hire the services of a quality writer from freelancing sites. You can add your site link in this content and now ready to go.

4-Contact Webmaster/Editor/Publisher 

Now you can directly contact the webmaster of the selected and offer them a guest post for publishing on his site. If the site has submitting section where you can submit your guest content then do it. If your content rejected by the Admin then you need some editing according to the selected site guideline. Please modify your content and resend after it.

5-Guest Publishing Fees 

Mostly Bloggers well come to the guest blogging content but sometimes they charge a fee for guest blogging you can pay the few dollars for your website ranking. It will not cost you much but give your site new wings for flying in the google search engine.
How to Guest Blogging in UK

6-Ask to Share your Content on Social Media

Mostly Bloggers also share the post in their own social media channels you didn't need to request them. But some bloggers don't do that until you request them to share your content also in their social forums. When you submit your content please don't forget to ask them for social media sharing because it will give your content to high wings for flying in the digital world.

7-Get Back Link 

When a blogger accepts your guest content it will send back you a link of your published post. You can also search it in google weather your post is indexed by Google or not. Successfully now you complete the whole process of guest blogging. It will help your site for gaining excellent ranking in search results but also convert a stream of traffic towards your website. Your site's subscriber list will increase day by day and you start getting more leads for your clients.

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