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8 Simple Ways to Increase the Domain Authority of Your Website

Domain Authority of the site is like a certificate by the Google provide to each site what is the worth of a site in the google search engine. High domain authority of your site shows the strength of your site among many sites in the google bot. If your site has high domain authority you can get more organic traffic flow as you are a trustable source of information for the people in a certain theme.
Learn How to Increase Domain Authority

1-Select an Excellent Domain Name

When you are starting a website, first of all, you have to select a domain name which must be 100% related to your site theme. At least your site theme included in this name. If you see our domain name we select learn SEO practically so we chose the domain name which is our mission or purpose of theme and what about we are writing and want to guide people. 

2-On-Page Content Optimisation 

SEO used for both purposes search engine ranking and increase in domain authority so please make sure that your on-page code is optimized completely title tags, image alt tags and content itself. Include all changes in the main keywords your permalinks should be short and related. Create a sidebar section for the new articles.

3-Create Quality Content for outbound links

Always publish Quality Content on your site which you share on different media will help you to generate new outbound quality links for your site from outside and it will also help your site for gaining great gain in authority of your site. So always concentrate on the great quality of content and regularly posting will also help you to gain high authority.

4-Improve your Internal links

Many Blogger deeply plan about internal links it will also help your visitor for getting more knowledge from the reliable sources and it also increases your web post credibility. So when you read a blog post for going to be live please check the internal links carefully must be relevant to your site topic and not out related.

5- Always find and remove bad links 

Go through the link profile of your site and remove the none relevant links. Because such links will down your domain authority and can be proved so harmful to your site. Broken links and another type of links which you found are not suitable for your site you can kill them and it will also help your site for in the cleaning process.

6-Mobile Friendly Site 

There are millions of internet users browse web posts from a mobile phone. If your site is not optimized for mobile yet then you are far behind. Please make your site responsive and friendly for mobile users and increase your traffic and get new visitors each day. Mobile responsiveness of your site will also increase your site domain authority. So please make sure that your site is more responsive to any user.
Learn How to Increase Domain Authority

7-Increase Loading Speed of your Website 

When a user click on your site link and if it will take much time to load on then it will certainly close your site URL and goes to the next site for visiting this thing putt a bad impact on your site and your site bounce rate definitely increased day by day and also you will lost many new visitors and your site will get negative feedback and your all efforts can go waste only. You can use this tool by the Google developers for checking the loading speed of your site and also suggest you how to increase it.

8-Share your content on Social Media 

Today social media is very much important factor of your site ranking because you always get pure visitors from social forums so keep posting on all available social media sites and comments on posts and share your regular posts if other people found your content valuable then they share in own circles and it will also help to increase your audience and traffic as well. It is also a golden opportunity for your site to get ranking.

How to Increase Organic Traffic of Your Website

The major challenge for any Business is to get proper attention to the new growing audience and convert them into new clients. If you already use many methods and also paid advertisement and get nothing from this only your competitors search your site and you get no more attention by the new clients.
Now you don't need to pay on high costs on pay-per-click or Google Adwords for your business growth and advertisement there are so many methods and techniques which can be used free of cost only they take your little attention and time.
How to get Organic Traffic

Optimize your site for the audience, not for search engine 

First of all, be a focus on your targeted audience and write content for your client's circle and explain them about your services very clearly and don't putt your full focus on the keywords and not to make your content is like the mixture of keywords only. You 've to target your client and explain to him about your services not only the keywords over stuffing to rank your site. If you focus on your client and write about it automatically your site start ranking and your searches also increases as well.

Start Blogging   

It is also the best way to get more organic traffic towards your site. You can start blogging and write quality content for your audience and capture them and start writing about your services and packages and promotional events and offers. Please don't use poor or spammy content for your blog it will lose your all efforts.

Comment Posting 

This is also important for your site, You can search the sites which is related to your niche and can start commenting on the posts of other people and you can also paste your site URL it will also improve your visibility and brand awareness among the audience.

Select long tail Key Words 

Don't use only the keywords used by the other people in your theme, Select the long tail suitable keywords and go into more depth so that search engines get more knowledge about your brand and can select your site in the top pages for this brand and it will also help you to rank better.

Use carefully Meta title, URL, Description  

When you publish a new post on your site please add these three components carefully in the new post use meta title exactly according to your content and also you can use it as a URL or you can use different URL.In the description use only the key points which include the mean theme of your post no need to describe every detail about previously published posts.

Create Quality Content 

Always create quality content for your site and share about new creative ideas about your business you can post 3-4 content posts on a daily base but should not violate the quality of content. In this term quality is a higher value of gaining more and more than the quantity. But also don't push your hands down from publishing content you should have to write on and off and post.

Use Internal Links

In new posts, you can add internal links related to the topic for more extra knowledge for the visitor.
In this way, you can increase the credibility of your site and also good for the searching algorithms of Google search engine. You can add these links with the no-follow property because Google didn't allow so many do-follow links in a single post you can use one or two do-follow links in the post but not more than that.
How to get Organic Traffic

Get more External Links 

When you write a content with new idea and no one in the market have it before such type of content start getting more and more external links from the good authority sites it will also able to increase your google ranking and you can also encourage people like friend and family to support your site and give them external links. When your site gets more and more external links to the google search engine found your site more reliable and more trustworthy among the people.

Use Social Media  

In the modern era, any buddy can realize the importance of social media. You should have to make the social media presence of your site and make the pages of your site on most famous social sites like facebooklinkedin, Google+, Twitter etc.

Thursday, 10 January 2019

What is Off-Page SEO?

Off-Page SEO contains all the activities which are done from outside of your site for improving the ranking of your site mostly people think link building is off page SEO but not only the link building it consists of all the activities performed by the outside to rank your site in the Google first page is called off-page SEO.
I have some unique techniques for the off-page SEO of your website.
Learn Off-Page SEO

12 Off-Page SEO Techniques for 2019

If you want to rise a true brand in the industry and want to get massive organic traffic for your brand then you must have to use these 12-Techniques for the Off-Page SEO of your site. Off-page SEO techniques will help to improve your site position in SERP.

1-Create Unique and Ideal Content 

Your content must be unique and contain a new idea that is practically based on the true success story.
If your content has something that has a great idea and new approach it can be viral in few mins in all forums and you can get more and more new organic traffic without any extra effort also your content start getting backlinks from other sites and it will give your site a huge push.

2-Outreach to the Influencer in your theme

You can write content and contact them to the influencer in your industry and ask him for the analysis of your blog and you can make a deal with them to share your content and post in their own circles and also can give a link back to your blog. They can cost a price which you have to pay for their services. It is also the fastest way of getting quality links for your brand.

3-Contribute on Big Sites

There are many High-Quality sites that offer contributor writers to share their ideas with their audience you can write a high-quality post and can contribute to these sites and get a more and more new audience. Some of the sites also charge a little bit fee from contributors for publishing their content pieces but there are many free to post.

4-Social Media Appearance 

 The most popular off-page SEO technique is the social media engagement of your site. You must have all social media accounts for your site and daily posts and sharing will create your brand awareness on social forums among the people and add more and more new audience in your circles and increase your brand popularity among social clouds. It will also help your site for gaining new backlinks from different sites.

5-Social Bookmarking Niches

Social bookmarking sites are one of the best practicing methods for the growth of your site. When you start bookmarking of your blog post and web page on social marking site you will gain a great amount of organic traffic from these sites.

6-Forums Posting 

Always participate in the search forums which are mostly related to your site theme or your Business and start making connections with the forum community by answering the asked questions and reply to the threads. You have to use only the do-follow forums.
Like Flickr, Addthis, Career builder.  
Learn Off-Page SEO

7-Submit Your Articles

You can submit your content pieces to the high PR content submitting directories. Make sure that your content is high quality and unique you can include your site link in it. Set a good title of your post and share your idea. If your content is poor or has grammatical mistakes and duplication it might be rejected. Sites links Thefreelibrary, Magportal.

8-Answer the Question 

You can find the High PR sites related to your business theme and answer the questions asked in these sites. It will also help to gain a free stream of traffic towards your site. Give a link to your site which will enhance your visibility and appearance.

9-Submit Infographics    

Create an attractive infographic and add the link of your website or Blog Post and submit on the infographic websites. In today internet world infographic is more popular amongst the users.
It is also a source of free advertisement of your sites on different sites.

10-Share Documents 

You can create document related to your business and can share this file on the document sharing sites and through this, you can also get more publicity without any extra cost and it will also save your time and cost. The document should have unique content and must be in pdf and ppt formats. 

Wednesday, 9 January 2019

Complete Process of On Page SEO

Learn One Page SEO
For the seek of understanding we can divide the SEO work into two major and important parts one of them is on page SEO which is basically include the basic work from the start of your niche we can also divide it into 10-steps and discuss them in detail. 

1-Key Words Research

This is the first step you have to use the software for searching the keywords for your site theme and after that, you can sort out the keywords which have less competition and more US monthly search volume. You can use the keywords long tail which is the best for the website competitive advantage also you have to check the keywords repetition and keywords density.

2-Focus on Good Commercial Keywords

You have to use the keywords which have a high commercial rating and generating sales by the other companies you can also use tools which can generate the reports for you to sort out the most deliberate keywords used by the other companies for commercial sells. You can use the keywords to have a high rate of CPC (cost per click) and also have a high rate for PPC (pay per click) from Google Ad-words. You can collect date from the historically gathers from the other campaigns also use free online website analysis tools for gathering data like semrush, keyword spy, keywords planner

3-Mechanical Elements of On Page SEO

In this section, we use title tag, Meta Tags, and paragraph heading (h1,h2,h3) it will increase the user response of your site and help to gain more unique visitors also add image alt tags and image title tags. Use user-friendly URL'S and Arrange keywords and use long tail keywords also add internal links.

4-Content Optimisation  

Now you can start writing content for your site words strength should be 1000-1500 words and you can also use frequently asked question section to gain a large amount of free traffic towards your site. You can start optimizing your content and it gives a huge boost to your site for growth.

5-How to improve Title Tag and Meta description tag

A well-written title tag and page title will greatly increase the rate of organic traffic towards your blog and it will decrease the bounce rate of your site. Avoid the duplicate title tag and stay with the limit of 50-character and the limit for the meta tag should be not more than 250-characters.

6-Improve Heading Tags 

You have to use the all heading tags exactly in a sequence they should be in like H1, H2, H3, H4.
Page title tag must be related to the keywords variations. First, decide how many no of heading you would like to use the paragraph and also don't forget to use alt image alt tag for the descriptive visuals

7-Choice keywords list 

 Select individual semantic keywords, long tail keywords and LSI keywords which are mostly used for the depth of coverage of overall page paragraph and paragraph subheading.

8-Add visual content, multimedia, Images, Videos    

For more user engagement you can add videos and images it will also enhance your Audience and decrease the bounce back rate of your site. You can also use the charts, Info-graphics and embed the YouTube videos in it for more explanation and more user interest. 
Learn One Page SEO

9-Responsive Web Design, Secure Website

Your site design must be unique and free from copy escape and have a great and interesting look as well. Your site design must be user-friendly and eye-catching which is basically can decrease the bounce back rate of your site.
You can use the SSL certificate for the security of your site it will cost you a little bit more but it deserves it. It will make your site more secure and safe from hackers.

10-Ongoing SEO

This part of SEO is always in continuous mode it includes the Google Analytics data records which will provide you new ideas about the new search of keywords and create new content will grow your site and take it to the top roof of the Google first page ranking. Proofreading and expend in the theme will open new doors and opportunities for your site.

Tuesday, 8 January 2019

Learn Free SEO at Home

Learn Free SEO SEO stands for search engine optimization the practically it means the visibility of your site in any search engine like Google, Yahoo, Bing. How much your site is visible against the user search queries sorted against your site theme. It means if your site is related to the tech then if a user searches for anything about tech how many keywords of your site is ranked in search engine which is most relevant to the user search queries.
Google and other search engine use many algorithms for the processing for most relevant results for the user many key factors involve in it but your keywords research must be so strong and your content must be 100% related to the theme of your niche. Every Buddy has it's own opinion
about the SEO the reason is that everyone uses own method to win the goal many methods can be 100% right for gaining good results. But most can pull down your site so you must have to be aware of everything about the right and wrong ways to avoid these mistakes for gaining excellent results.
You must have to use all things in small quantity and have patience because anything more can be sour your

How to Start SEO

You didn't need to spend money on your site for the seek of excellent ranking you just have a little knowledge of how search engine work and how to execute the related search queries for the user. Ranking factors of Google are as:

* Secure and Accessible Site
*Site Page Loading Speed 
*Domain Age, Domain Authority, URL
*Content Optimisation 
*Technical SEO
*User Experience
*Sites Inbound and Out Bound links
Learn Free SEO

For security for your site, you must take the SSL certificate and your site URL will convert from HTTP to https. s stand for secure now your site is safe. SSL protects your data when it loads from your browser to the website server. You can make your site more accessible just to make sure that your site is keyboard friendly. Add alt text to all images also use headers to structure your content correctly. Enable resize text that doesn't break your site. Your site page loading speed on every device should fast. Your site should be mobile friendly. Content should be unique and free from plagiarism. All technical work is in on-page SEO should be performed completely step by step. Your site graphics should be eye-catching and friendly design attract everyone and decrease the bounce rate of your site also. Domain Authority should be maximum in other posts we will study in detail what is domain authority and how to maximize it. User Experience with your site should be great whatever user search in your should full fill the user needs.


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