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Different Ways Used for SEO Content Strategy

Content Strategy: is the most important thing in the modern age. If you just post content on different topics with none targeted keywords and think that you can gain good ranking it is not possible for your brand to gain such kind of excellence. You are hoping that you will generate specific leads from your brand SEO then you should have to build a content strategy for your brand.
How to use Content Strategy for SEO
The first part of content strategy is that your content must be related to the theme of your site and there must be no errors such as grammatical mistakes, Vocabulary mistakes your write must have in mind all these factors while writing for your brands your keyword research must also be strong and related to your brand so that Google can categorize your brand as a unique one. For example, if any user searches about any query related to your brand then if your brand is popular and keywords ranked well your site will appear on the first page of google. If you will be able to concentrate 20,000 related visitors each month with content and keywords focused traffic according to our calculations you will be able to get at least 2500 gross sales ratio. You can imagine about it this is the power of content strategy.
If you fire an arrow to a target you will get more benefits even it hit somewhere near the target. If you don't know about your target and fire arrow in the air it will be useless for you and both of us.
For the Content Strategy, you can follow these points mention below. 

1-Define Your Topic      

Most people think that and try to talk about the related keywords or focused keywords but it's a big mistake. Only keywords alone are not part of content strategy. Instead of this, you have to start with defining your brand purpose and brand expertise. This is your topic area which includes the audience research, keywords research and SEO related content creation. When finding your expertise and mix it with audience data then you will get the idea about your content creation strategy.

2-Define Your Targeted Audience 

In this section, you have to define your audience or the people who need your services and will search you on a google search engine. For defining your audience you have to go through the following below mention instructions.
Take a View of Your Current Customers: If you have any running customer then analyze their similarities and note down on a paper.
Also, look at their social media accounts their followers and who post comments on their share articles on how to like them etc analyze the all above data and start making reports.
Write down the benefits of your products/services: After that, you have to determine the group of people who need these services.
You can conduct surveys: and get reports from these searches it will also clear your aspects more.

3-Now Find Keywords and Targeted Audience   

Now you understand about your expertise and also know who you need to target you can mix this knowledge and start finding super effective keywords for your brand. You can conduct your search for long tail keywords and small keywords and keywords searched by different genders at last when you get detail report about all of this now you can mix them all and pass through the software and find out the best one and select for your brand in a different sheet.
How to use Content Strategy for SEO

 4-Start Optimize Actively 

When your keywords are ready now you can start your content creation. Optimize your content actively so get the high chances for the ranking of your content in the google search engine.
You can use your keywords in H1, H2, and in meta description tags. Always create a Unique copy escape free high-value content for your site. Also, follow a strict publishing schedule. 

5-Publish Your Content own internet plot 

First of all you have to publish your content on your own social media channel and share between your subscribers and try to make authority our content on your own forums before publishing it for the general public I mean on your website forum it will help your brand for growing more google ranking and also in this way you can make successful your SEO content strategy.

Wednesday, 16 January 2019

How to use Google Analytics for Measuring Your Site Traffic

Google Analytics is free and easy to use you can take a deep view of each new campaign. It is helpful for checking the results of your every new effort you putt on your website for growing its organic traffic. It will maximize your SEO and discover how to get success from your running campaign and how to start a new campaign to get more benefits.Let's move towards how to use it.
How to use Google Analytics for SEO

Setup a Google Analytics Account 

First of all, you have to set up a new google analytics account if have not before. If you have already your account then we can start work from it. After that, we start working on it. If you are using CMS  or WordPress or hosting service that has made a ready installation for you. You must use these built-in features provided by companies. 

Understand Your Google Analytics Account

 When a new user enters into the GA's interface it looks like something confusing you about it but you don't worry about it.GA's is the combination of two navigational bars top navigational bar contain the information about the account level and the instead of reporting section which includes the information about analytic data. The side navigational bar contains all the options of drilling into the analytics data. Now we discuss a little bit about the internal functions of the nav bars in detail.

Down Navigational Bar Functions 

It contains the following submenus with certain specific functions.
Dashboard: Like other dashboards, it also works on the same principle and shows the overview of all important activities performing inside with figures calculations you can familiar with this after little examination.
Shortcuts: When you drill down in the data and want to get back a quick return you just have to press this button it will allow you to a quick return.
Intelligence Events: This is used for generating automatic alerts when something goes wrong with your site they generate a warning message for you. Custom Alerts can also be generated with it which will alert you from certain threats also.
Real Time: As it appears from the name it will generate results for you in the run time. You check this it will show how many people are watching your site in last second which post and click on which link etc it's a run time data report.
Audience: This will provide you the information about your site's visitors who are watching your website and from which location and using what type of device like mobile, PC and using what type of technology like operating system Mac, Windows, Apple etc.
Acquisition: In this section, it shows you how your audience reaches you. I mean by using google search engine through keywords ranking or by social media posts or by backlinks of your site.

Top Navigational Bar Functions 

The top navigational bar is very simple to use it linked multiple properties to the same page. The admin section looks difficult at first after that when you use it regularly it becomes easier to use.
The GA account shows different user options with domain perspectives. There is a property in this account if you have many subdomains it show you the GA account sub-options used on all these domains.
Finally, you have the view of which specific version using on your own web.

How to use Google Analytics for an SEO campaign 

In the above, we discuss how to use GA in detail. This tool is basically used for getting more and more information about your site current situation. All the get it information will help you how to make your site from 0 to 10.We just have to make the changes in the site on the page and off page SEO and let see what results putt on your site with your changes just keep your eye on GA radar. You have to keep watching the below mention aspects.

How much Organic Traffic of your Website?

First of all, you have to check how much organic traffic is coming on your site. It's a none paid traffic only via google search results. Basically, we have to check the amount of organic traffic on your website. You have to go to the GA's Acquisition option and check this detail in the overview section just click on the medium button and get these results.
After this, you have to check the GA's queries section for sorting the keywords which are used by you and good for your site and try to unlock those keywords which you use but are failing to get organic traffic on your site. So just left following these keywords which have not traffic flow and try to promote the keywords which have a heavy amount of organic traffic.
How to use Google Analytics for SEO

Where to focus your SEO work 

Navigate your landing pages under SEO then you 'll find the list of top pages you have to pass through these options for collecting information from these pages.
Check Number of Clicks: In this way, you check the number of clicks on your blog posts. The posts which get a high number of views please update them and the posts have low views be work on those pages how to rank them in google through multiple variations in the keywords. 
Check Impression of Posts: Those articles which drive less traffic you can also work on the set of those pages in this section work on them and try to generate more traffic for those pages as well.
Average Position: Check the pages which have the position 3-4 in the ranking you have just try a little kick to the coveted 1-5 spots.Where they can generate organic traffic many times.

Tuesday, 15 January 2019

9 Simple and Free Tools for improving your SEO

There is a wide range of different tools can be used for improving your site SEO the thing is that these tools are totally free of cost you just have to read a little bit about the use of these tools and after that, you can try it. In daily life routine, you notice that every skill full job need some tools for proper management like a plumber, electrician etc. Same principles also work in almost every field of life especially in the field of SEO. Because you have to measure many things like Domain Authority, Page Authority and many more in SEO. Every one use different tools weave also listed below some important tools.
Learn How to use Free SEO Tools

1-Google Page Speed Checker 

This tool is used for calculating the loading speed of your website and also check the performance of your website on different devices like on pc, laptop, pro book etc. It not only find the errors in your site but also suggests you how to improve and overcome the errors. This tool is also used for checking your site performance and loading on mobile devices. List of these tools buffer, Pingdom, Gtmertix, Web page test.

2-Moz Local Listing 

Moz collects data from 10 different sources like google, yelp, Facebook and shows you the list of how your local business looks like on the different media sources. By using this data you can easily find out the errors and problem in your site and you have to find out the ways to solve these issues so that your site Moz Local Listing can be better.

3-Keyword tool dot io

This tool is basically used for searching new long tail keywords related to your site theme. You just have to enter a keyword in this tool and it will sort out a list of related long tail keywords list you can also select the most suitable keywords for your site ranking. Keywords sorted by this tool have much google searching worth. I always recommend using this tool

4-Google Analytics Tool  

This tool is mostly used for calculating the traffic and other stats related to your site. The traffic calculation of this tool contains amazing and most accurate results as compared to another tool there are so many tools available in the market like for organic traffic checker semrush, analytics tool.  

5-Google Search Console plus webmaster 

These webmaster tools continuously examine the status of your site like indexing, errors, reports. They actually keep an eye on your site check the CTR, traffic, CPC and all other related stats if there is an issue in your sites these tools will alert you that your site is going to take wrong turns in this way you can alert about everything before the accident of your site. Example of these tools is a jetpack, Yoast, word press plugin.

6-Ahref Backlink Checker 

The free version of ahref backlinks checker only shows the 99 backlinks of any website/URL along with it also show the other rating factors like domain rating, URL rating as well. This tool is only used for the link analysis of any website and check the worth and quantity of links for any site in the paid version it also adds some new features and enhances the backlinks list. This is the ahref site link.

7-Moz Link Explorer Tool

The free version of this tool shows you the link analysis of your site total number of inbound and outbound links it shows you the full upcoming and outgoing links also show you the deceased link and newly born links. Here you can find this tool Moz link tool.
Learn How to use Free SEO Tools

8-Check The Google Trends

This tool is used for showing you the google latest search about any brand related keywords in a certain period of time. It is very useful for building your own brands you can check the related searching trends and can also get more awareness about how to grow your own brand in the current scenario. You can get all this information free of cost here you can find it Google Trends.

9-Web Page Analyzer Tool

This tool is used for the comprehensive analysis of your website it shows you the missing alt-tags, Image tags, header, and almost everything about the on-page SEO errors. If you want to check the on page errors in your website then you can feel free to use this tool for sorting the current problems faced by your site. If you use this tool carefully then you will get the full on page SEO errors and you can solve them one by one easily by using Web Page Seo Analyzer Tool.

Monday, 14 January 2019

7 Simple SEO Tips for Beginners

Some people think that Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is a complex set of steps and hard to follow them due to changes in the Google algorithms and user searching behavior. That's also a true fact but it is not so much hard as many people think about it. With little practice and a little study, you will easily learn how to make a suitable balance between the changes in the Google algorithms and user search queries variation trends. We can simply divide the SEO in 9-steps for the simplicity of the beginners. We will discuss in detail all these 9 steps.

Learn Simple SEO Tips

1-Keywords Research and Analysis 

Keywords research is the most initial and most important phase of your's site SEO. But for completing this phase you don't need to be SEO expert or SEO guru with a little bit knowledge of SEO you can easily select a most reliable set of keywords for the ranking of your site. You have to choose the keywords which have less competition and more search volumes. For this purpose, you can use these tools to help keywords planner,spyfu, long tail pro.

2-Spy on Your Competitors Sites

Every SEO expert knows the importance of this thing. It not only just read the blog post of your competitors and follow them on different social media forums. You need to know about the deep research about your competitors for this purpose you can use different paid tools for the seek of simplicity. These tools don't cost you much more than $50 like you can use semrush, Alexa, spy web.

3-Follow up an On-Page SEO List for Checking 

On the page, SEO is for boosting up your site pages and it consists of few things which you have to focus on the page title, meta description, header tags, URL  you have to study about little in this post in detail On Page Seo. After that, you can use them carefully. If you are still in a problem you can also use this paid tool brightedge.

4-Publish Only Quality Content on Your Site 

This is also the most important feature of SEO you have to hire expert writers for writing your site's daily blog posts. content must not less than 500-words each article and continuously post on daily bases for increasing your audience and newsletter subscribers. It will also increase the reputation of your site among the readers. For hiring, quality content writers use these forums FreelancerUpwork, Fiverr, People per hour

5-Get External Backlinks 

Backlinks are very important for Google search engine ranking factor. You can get links by manual methods and also you can software for building links but our preferred method is manual because they look more natural the other. In this way, you can directly outreach to the other bloggers and send them quality content for getting backlinks.

6-Start measuring SEO Performance 

When you are doing SEO of your site most people read about new and fantastic ideas for growing ranking and organic traffic many of them can be useful but you have to select these ideas only from trustable sources only. Because if you use a fake idea it can be harmful to your newborn site. So be careful about that. After using any new trick or technique you have to keep an eye on the analytics of your site what this new method does. So check your site's performance on a daily base.

Learn Simple SEO Tips

7-Always Continue SEO Learning 

Learning is the step which should not stop until your grave. You should have to learn about new methods, Tips, Tricks used by the other people for the seek of ranking of their sites and got succeeded. You can also use the methods for improving your Google ranking and organic traffic. You can try out some new tutorials for the learning of your SEO. If you try hard and hard to get success in any field of life not only SEO one day you will be succeeded. Never stop hardworking in your life.
Tutorials for help Neil Patel, Brian Dean, Lynda.

Sunday, 13 January 2019

9 Smart Ways to Earn Back links for your Website

Backlinks mean the sites link your site and in this way, they offer you a vote that your site content is a reliable source of information and your content is authentic. It is a major factor of ranking in the google search engine also a good way of getting more organic traffic for your site and your site also get more popular among the user's many people use different methods and techniques to earn these links.

Learn How to earn Backlinks for your website
Don't only trust on your SEO services providing company you 've to check the backlinks quality of your site by yourself because the site offers you backlink should have more organic traffic and have higher authority then your site when google crawl your site it particularly focus on backlink profile of your site.let's start about the methods of getting backlinks.

1-Broken Link Building Technique  

In this method you can detect the broken backlinks in the other sites and after getting it you can contact to the webmaster of the site and ask him to remove this link with your site link and he will definitely add your site link but first you 've to check the ranking of another site if it is higher then your site you can use this link if another site is low then your's in this case you can skip this site and find new one for your site.

2-Get Backlinks via infographics 

Infographics are the best of getting organic traffic towards your site people mostly like to see the visual date. First, you have to choose a suitable topic for your audience you can also watch the hot topics in the market related to your business you can generate a new related idea and can share with your audience via infographic submission. If you earn 9 backlinks on per infographic submission and each cost you $5 then total cost you about $45. It is very less price than the webmaster publishing fees.
If your infographic goes viral then you will get much more popular in the new growing audience.

3-Benefits of Guest Post 

Guest Blogging is also the most effective way of getting for traffic from other sites. In this way, you can write an article and send for publishing on other high-quality sites in your related theme. By using this method you can easily outreach to the new audience and can get more interested visitors and also get more publicity and can create your brand awareness in the other people you can also get a link from other high authority sites.

4-Spy Your Competitors Sites 

If you really want to rank your site then you should have to keep an eye on your competitor's sites what they are doing for their sites. If your competitors sites are high ranked then you should have to follow their techniques their social media influence, Content marketing methods used by the other people and also chase your competitors methods and try to follow them and think about t how to do   
much better then your competitor if you can do better otherwise only follow them at least.

5-Build up internal backlinks   

You have to create a better internal links profile and related to your theme. Internal backlinks must be related to your site relevant topics only and not irrelevant to your theme. Make a strong internal backlink profile will help your site to get more google search engine ranking in a natural way.

6-Promote Your Content on Different Sites

Great quality content is not enough for your site if you don't know how to promote your content in the audience. Different methods can be used for content promotion on different media you can use e-mail marketing and can target to the bloggers and webmasters for your content promotion and ask them to promote your content in the monthly roundups.

7-Write Testimonial for Your Website  

You can get a backlink by writing a testimonial for the required site in this way you can get a backlink from a high authority site without any special effort. You have to write a testimonial content for the guest sites and you can get a free link easily. 

Learn How to earn Backlinks for your website

8-Contact Journalist for the promotion 

You can contact with journalist and ask them to spread words about your business in their regular columns it will bring the attention of lot's of people towards your blog and Business and help you gain more traffic. For this purpose, you can use the e-mail outreach service for communicating with these persons. Manually it is too much hard for you that why you can use software like voilanorbert , Mailfinder, Findemails.

9-Donation Method for Backlink

This is a very simple method in this way you have to find donating sites in your theme and you can send you link to this site and donate some money and can get back a link to your website. Your search for many sites in this method and can use all of them with together for backlinks. It will cost you about $50 to $70 for each site and will support your site.

How to use Google Analytics for Measuring Your Site Traffic

Google Analytics is free and easy to use you can take a deep view of each new campaign. It is helpful for checking the results of your eve...

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