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Top 10 Paid SEO Tools Used in Market

People use many tools for paid SEO campaigns some are free to use some have a more authentic result than others. But for gaining results new strategies and tools come in the market having different money value packages offered to clients. Whenever you decide to start a paid SEO campaign and want to use the new paid tool you should have to get all information about this tool first you can contact to the service agent directly or can read the instruction manual carefully. Before buying it you can also use the trial version for checking the skill of tool and how it works. In this article, I would like to discuss the 10 paid SEO tools in detail.
Top Paid SEO Tools

1-Majestic SEO Toolkit 

The majestic SEO tool is used for checking the backlinks of your site and also explore your site. They offer different pricing plans gold, silver, platinum based on the need and size of your SEO Agency. You can choose any suitable package for satisfying your company needs. The detail reports consist of your website citation flow, keywords, anchor text, backlink history, You can also connect this tool with google webmaster tool.

2-Moz Pro 

Moz is one of the most popular names in the SEO industry. Moz open site explorer is a great way to finds backlinks which you can get access by opening Moz pro account. Moz pro entire software suite is easy to use the platform. It offers you various tools with many custom features you can track rankings, analyze your social media followers, check and compare backlinks across multiple URL's, test a website for crawl errors, perform keywords analysis.

3-Raven Tool

This tool performs multiple functions it draws data from multiple resources and provides you the worth of your paid money. Raven has 25+ tools that can help you in any SEO problem and improvement of your site. It can help you in the following ways digital marketing SEO research, campaign management, link building, competitor analysis,  social media performance checking, backlinks reports, content management, and metrics.

4-Advance Web Ranking Tool

This is the most effective SEO software package available in the market for buying. Advance web ranking will help you with rank tracking, link building analytics, social media monitoring reports, competitor analysis, website optimization. It is practically used for checking where a website ranks for specific keywords on a specific search engine as compared with your competitors. You can get reports in any formats HTML, PDF, XLS, TXT, CSV etc. You can automatically generate reports and can send directly to your clients.

5-SEMrush Tool

 Semrush is a competitor analysis tool based on search engine marketing including SEO and paid search advertisement. Semrush have a large amount of data from Google and Bing for sorting that where your competitors lie in 90 million organic keywords searches. You can check out weather which keyword have high search volume. This tool didn't get data from other sources it directly accesses date from Google and Bing only.

Paid SEO Tools in UK

6-Word Tracker Tool 

This tool is used for keywords researching, It can draw data from 190 million keywords used globally in additionally 90 million keywords both semrush and word tracker is partners. It will arrange data in short and long tail keywords such a massive amount of data is difficult to use without any proper report from. Word tracker recently released a new tool named as a link builder for link building.

7-Link Assistant Tool 

Link Assistant tool is all in one SEO package software that combines rank tracking, site auditing, and also consists of link building functions. This tool combines these four functions which are coming in different packages like rank tracker, website auditor, link assistant, SEO spyglass. Rank tracker checks that where your site rank from millions of keywords searches also provide you with a list of keywords on which your site rank.

8-Ahref Tool 

This Ahref tool is used own index of live links to provide you with valuable data. This tool includes these features in one pack like Website Explorer, SEO Reports, Backlink Reports, Domain Comparison, and Batch Analysis. This Tool is used for generating authentic reports backlink profiles and almost everything which you need to know about your website.

9-Buzz Stream Tool  

Buzz Stream is also a very effective tool used by many Bloggers and SEO companies. This includes many functions like link building, CRM and social media management. With the help of this tool you can easily Bookmark websites, Search pages for contact information, Collect matrices, Track Twitter Conversations, also segment contacts into the email list.

10-White Spark Tool 

White Spark is a Canadian Company offers a suite for SEO tools. It includes these functions link prospectors, Rank Trackers, Handout Generators, Off-Line Conversion Trackers, Local Citation Finders. The most important feature in this list is local citation which actually refers to local SEO. This is used for local ranking of your website. With the help of this tool, you can easily find the local citations for your business and for the client's business.

Wednesday, 23 January 2019

8 Initial SEO Steps For Your Website

When you lounge a new website or planning to build a new website from this stage you have to think about the SEO of your site or how to get traffic on your site. If you think about it from starting it will save you time. Most people don't care about it and just keep the focus on the theme of the site how to make it attractive and beautiful for eye-catching of your audience. After a few months, people start worried that my site is so attractive but fail to get more new visitors. The reasons are that you don't think about it from the early stages.
Now we will discuss how to start a website with SEO perspectives so that it will save your time and money spend on your site later.
Initial Steps for your website SEO

1-Select a Domain Name 

Select a domain name which is 100% related to your site theme and your site motive also you can use
your domain name as the main keyword of your site for ranking in google search engine. Your domain name should not be confused for your customers. You can also use these tools for domain name suggestions. 

2-Select a Web Hosting 

Google use your site loading speed as a key factor for the ranking of your website amongst the audience if your site content is great and everything looks good but your site loading speed is high then 40 secs google will consider your website a low trustworthy source of information. I suggest you use Host Gator for web hosting of your website.

3-Keywords Research   

This is also a basic and most important part of the initial SEO. You need to select the main idea of your site theme and after that, you can putt your focus on selecting short or long tail keywords for your website. I suggest you use this tool for your keywords research for your site guaranteed ranking of your website

4-Your Site's Architecture 

If you are starting a simple site with few content posts then you can skip this step. But if you are building your brand and want to post new content on daily or weekly bases then you have to manage the architecture of your site from home page to the other most relevant pages before you start it make a hierarchy of your posts with the home page just for managing your posts and contents.

5-Use a Responsive Design

Your website design should be responsive to multiple devices, especially for mobile users. Google recent survey reports show that a large number of audience shifting web browsing from computers to mobile devices like smartphones, mini pro books, mini laptops, tablets etc. So your site must be responsive to all these devices and operating systems used by these devices.
Initial Steps for your Blog SEO

6-Optimize URL's Pages 

Optimize all the pages URL's of your website according to the architecture hierarchy diagram of your site which will help you to guide which thing should be optimized first. You can sort out these with the help of your keywords. Please arrange everything should be in a sequence and not randomly selected.

7-Write Meta Description  

Write your site meta description carefully it must be unique and related to your post avoid adding none related things in the meta description. You can also use your major keywords in the meta description and try to explain everything which is inside your post so that your site bounce rate will also decrease in this way.

8-Submit Site Map to Google 

Before crawling your website pages to the google you have to submit a site map to google via google search console through this google will recognize that how many pages are in your site and how to index them for generating more appearance in front of search users. Here is the google search console link you can access it and submit your map.

Tuesday, 22 January 2019

Difference Between White Hat SEO and Black Hat SEO

White Hat SEO includes the set of methods and strategies followed by the people to rank their sites in Google according to the google search engine policies. You can use these methods without any fair of losing ranking because when you follow the google rules then you are on the right or straightway so don't worry about it. I will disuse in detail about the methods followed in this section by the bloggers.
White Hat SEO methods

Content Quality must High

Your content must be High and valuable for your audience and must contain unique information and ideas which can be viral amongst the people. Through this way you will get two most important things from your audience one thing is sharing and the second thing is your content start getting links from new valuable sources. It will help your site for driving more organic traffic towards your niche. 

Keywords Research and Use

Keywords are also another important thing in the next step you have to chose the 100% related and long tail keywords for your site. Select only those keywords which focus your site theme and try to sort out from the list you think people can easily search you by using these targeted keywords. You can use this tool also semrush this will you to find a list of relevant keywords for your site.

Choose Only Relevant Backlinks

Your site out site backlinks profile must be related to your site theme. The links from other sites will increase the vote of confidence that your site is providing quality content and related information which is very useful for other visitors also. If your site backlink profile included none related sites so please remove these links.

Internal Links of Your Site 

The internal links in your content will guide the user more about the related searching topic. It will also a great source of information for the audience and also increase the worth of your site as well. I recommend you to use the no-follow links in your content and always links to the authority sites like Wikipedia, Moz, facebook etc. 

Meta Description Of  Your Site 

Your site meta description is the lines of few sentences which will appear under the title of your site in the google search engine results. You have to write these lines for human beings not for a machine to compile your instructions only and get no results hereafter. Meta Description must clear the all about what is in this article.

Black Hat SEO 

This method inculcates all strategies used by the bloggers just to get ranking without caring what is google policies. Basically their aim to just ranked well in a limited time. These methods are just for time being as Google detect the violation of rules and regulations google down these sites. You can say that these are spammy methods just to entertain you for the time being. Some black hat methods discussed below.

Use of Unrelated Keywords 

In this technique, people use keywords over stuffing and mostly insert the keywords which have no meaning with your content or your site theme it will also misguide your site for Google algorithms how to rank it properly. It is totally the addition of irrelevant overstuffing of keywords in the content.

Use of Doorway Pages  

These are fake pages that are overloaded with the keywords for search engine ranking when the user click on it. It will redirect to you on another page it will consider an error by the user but this is a black hat SEO technique to get traffic.
Black Hat SEO process

Cloaking Method 

This is a simple deceiving method use for the search engine to deceive it to show a URL to the presenting visitors it may increase your visitors and can also increase the bounce rate of your site as well. This is just like an accidental stent but not more than that.

Invisible  Links Or Text 

This is another black hat technique used for embed a link or text into the content to increase your ranking and traffic. Some people also use this method with a different approach like by decreasing text size or converting the link background into white color. Or include a link into a character or hyphen.  

Monday, 21 January 2019

Importance of Social Media in SEO

You can understand this thing easily that if you want to be visible on the google then you need SEO. If you need to increase your sales potential then you need social media presence also. In modern time as use of social media is increasing day by day. Every year many new social media users added in this huge global circle of audience. Many reports show that the number of people joining social media sites daily like facebook, twitter, linkedin, Google+ etc.
Importance of social media in SEO

Promote Your Brand via Content Promotion 

The most important benefit of social media is that you can promote your content directly on social media with your followers audience. This is the most effective and work full method for increasing your brand popularity amongst the not only relevant audience but also for new followers and newcomers. Hard working on your content should be shown up to your new visitors and to your followers. If your content is really good and has some new ideas about the problem solution then definitely your content start getting viral in different media.

Increase Your Brand Awareness  

If you have strong social media influence and just share your post and it becomes viral amongst the followers and so on but that is enough with respect to the SEO and increase your traffic only. Brand awareness is something different you have to start different campaigns it can be paid and costly but you should have to putt hard efforts for getting more and more results. What will happen if many people are familiar with your brand and know the name of your company this thing will little hard to do but when you are successful then you will get the taste of this sweet dish.

How Social Media Posts Rank in Google    

Whenever you search about a company in google you will get the social media pages of this company on the top pages of Google. The reason is that Google considers your social media pages as a web post and trust on them as your page is followed by many people it will create more social media influences. So the point is that whenever you post on your social media circle it must be high quality and contain the full information about your brand and product because Google also uses this thing for ranking factor as well.
Importance of social media in SEO

Ranking on Google will take time 

This is the truth that there is no any method which will rank your site without any patience, efforts or hardworking. You can always try different methods for the ranking of your site but be remember that these methods should follow the Google guideline policy and don't cross the red zone for getting results because when you cross it may be you will get results for some time but after that your site will penalize or blacklisted by the Google algorithms. In this case, all your efforts go to waste and you will lose your potential.

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