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10 Most Advance Techniques for Increasing your Website Organic Traffic

Organic Traffic is the most important thing because it is directly related to the SEO of your website. It is opposite to the paid traffic. When your site rank in google against a particular keyword and Google increase your site visibility in search engine results then user finds your site at the first page against any search query this traffic is pure organic traffic. This is possible only with the SEO of your site by focusing the keywords in your site content and your sites linked pages. You can say that all functions in SEO are for getting ranking and for gaining organic traffic.
How to increase your Website Organic Traffic

1-Focus on Visitors Experience   

This is also a big factor for search engine ranking that what visitors are actually thinking about your site what is the user's reaction either they like your website design, Content etc. Google also even detect what user found in your content useful information or just read it and close it. Google named it rank brain factor for ranking it.

2- Potential Video Content

Video marketing of your content is a very important way of gaining a more new audience. It is well-known fact that the video marketing trend is growing day by day. Today your site can't grow without video content. You can make your site channel on youtube and post your video content here you will get a huge amount of free traffic from this.

3-Rank for Feature Snippets 

10% of search results have feature snippet. These are results shows right after the google ads. It is also used as an advanced technique for getting the clicks on your site. By using this method you can also earn free organic traffic easily. They usually have an image, video, table, or important points mention in the post for capturing the first cover of the audience.

4-Create Long-form Content 

This is also a method used for SEO of your site. When you write content for your site two things kept in mind first one whatever you choose the topic for content you must have to cover it completely and the second thing is your content must be 1500-2000 words at least.No information related to your topic must be skipped. 

5-Maximise Your Visitors Engagement 

You can maximize your visitor's engagement by following these tips.
Arrange your old and new posts in a sequence which is easy to ready for the visitors and always edit theirs according to the nature of your audience.
Include highly related links in the posts which is easy to increase the readability and relevance of your content.
Use LSI Keywords your content must not be so simple that only focus on the key topics it must also include the answers of relevant questions as well.
Contain multiple ways for content it means your content must include the related images, videos, infographics etc. This will attract your visitors more and explain everything more.

6-Use Voice Search 

You have to ask your writer to optimize your content for voice search. Voice search technology is from new growing fast trends. Keep the focus on using geo-targeted keywords. It means the use of keywords for local searches. Most voice searches are for local SEO. You can use this tip for local Business SEO.
How to increase your Website Organic Traffic

7-Focus on Mobile Indexing 

Now Google considers mobile-friendly sites as a primary condition. It means for better ranking your site must be mobile friendly and must be optimized for different devices like mobile, pro books, tablets etc. Your site must be optimized with respect to different operating systems like windows, mac, app etc.

8-Increase Your Site CTR

Your site click through rate must be high because it shows the seriousness of your audience and engagement of your audience with your website.
Write headlines for increasing the impressions of your website.
Use powerful words in a headline for getting a response from searchers.
Include parenthesis and brackets in the title for drawing audience attention.
Write a strong meta description that sets your posts.

9-Reduce Bounce Rate

Grab the new visitors attention by using an attractive theme and eye-catching designing. It will help to decrease your website bounce rate. Use internal links for moving visitors. Create custom 404 pages for in any case when your site is not loading, in this case, you should have to prepare an error page for saving from a bounce back.

10-Increase Your Site Authority 

Try to make links with high authority sites in your relevant niches by sharing related content. Increase your social proofs through reviews and by using testimonial. You SSL certificate for increasing your site authenticity in front of your audience. You need to create a Google business card for your website for increasing your site authority. It is a Google card which creates confidence in your audience that you are visiting a genuine company.

Wednesday, 30 January 2019

Importance of Quality Content in SEO

No one can deny the importance of content in the SEO of your website. Because Google also counts that what are the errors in your content how poor your writing is what is the word strength of your web content also even count that what is the reaction of your content what is the bounce rate of your content how much people like your posts and what they get from it. Google also count the satisfaction of your audience from your provided information.
Importance of Quality Content in SEO

What is SEO Article Writing?

It means write content and keep the focus on your keywords and over stuff them just to realize the search engine when the user enters query related to these keywords just rank our site and show it as the most relevant source of information for the visitor. You use the keywords in the title of the page and in the web post. Basically, you use a strategy and use keywords again and again in the post just overstuff it and try to consider it most related post in equivalence of user search query that's it. Here I would like to share the five key points which are more beneficial for your SEO purposes.

SEO needs the strategic use of keywords in the content 

It is fact that without using keywords in the content you can't get ranking also many new advanced techniques are also available in the market for your web post ranking but it is also a compulsory part of your SEO. You must not use the keywords over stuffing except that you should follow the strategic flow of keywords in the content like in the post title, starting, mid and ending points only.

Social Media Validation of Your Content 

Many bloggers use social media validation for the ranking of their posts for this purpose your social media channels must have a strong influence amongst the audience and also your content quality must be high and contain a huge source of information for your audience. In this way, you can get a lot more new visitors each day.

Quality Back Links for Your Content

If you are able to produce quality content for your daily blog posts then you start getting links from outsourcing resources. For example when you share your content in social media and your content is a valuable source of information and you share it in related circle or group then after some time you examine that it starts going to be viral and start getting more shares, likes, comments, retweets etc then many blogger start giving backlinks to your blog post it will start increasing your backlinks automatically without putting extra efforts on it.

Google need Quality Content for Ranking

 Very simple logic is behind that Google rank images in image section and content in the main section that's why if your content is a valuable source of information then Google also start ranking it on the base of different factors but one of them is the content itself. Poor quality content also didn't pass the checks applied by Google and starting it down and down which will cause of lower your ranking.
Importance of Quality Content in SEO

Content Writing to the Truth Worthy Information

Google is working on a new algorithm that will detect the information you provide in your content is truly worthy or authentic. If yes then it will automatically start improving your website ranking if not then it will start decreasing your ranking. Because Google wants to provide only authentic and reliable information to the audience. They also think about creating links between authentic pages for improving the Google users search experience as well.


Tuesday, 29 January 2019

Latest Updates in Google Algorithms and it's effect on SEO

Google's engineers are always busy and indulge in making changes and updates in already existing search algorithms. Google has to compete with other search engines like bing, yahoo etc for showing more accurate and more relevant results against a user query. Many people notice this thing when you search in google engine you will found more accurate results than other resources. The reason behind is google algorithms updates and daily effort of google engineering staff. Updates in Google algorithms are also the need of time.
Latest Google Algorithms Updates for UK

1-Humming Bird 

Humming Bird is the new search plate forum used by Google since September 2013. This algorithm is used for focusing on the whole search query enter by the visitor and shows results against the whole query not only focus on the words but also understand the meaning of the full sentence what user need or what user searching for. This algorithm sharp the google search engine results as well.

2-Google Mobile-Friendly Update  

April 21, 2015, Google released a new update algorithm for mobile phones. It makes the web pages more useful to with mobile interface. This is also named as mobilegeddon in the history of Google. You can test either your web page is mobile friendly for Google also just check it on this tool. This also increases a large number of internet user from a mobile phone. It also makes web browsing more easy and reliable from a mobile phone.

3-Google Panda Update

Panda update is basically related to the search results filter introduced by Google in February 2011. This filter stops the sites contain poor quality content on the first page of google. Actually, it throws the sites in a waste bin from the first page it will cause of losing ranking by many sites. But It will improve the results for the Google search engine users.

4-Google Penguin Update

Google lounged penguin update in April 2012. It turns out all sites from the first page how buy link from network sites for ranking and spamming sites throw out from google ranking into the dust bin. It is useful for Google users but it loses ranking for many sites. People hit with this also start removing bad links and none related links and private network sites links.

5- Google Pay Day Update 

It lounged by Google on June 11,2013. This new algorithm starts targeting the spammy search queries and starts removing from Google such as payday loan, pornographic and other heavy spammed queries. It will also clear search results and more visible other authentic pages.
Latest Google Algorithms Updates for UK

6-Google Private Update 

Google private update a filter in August 2012 designed to stop the sites from many copyright infringements sections and start to stop copied content or theme sites as well.Google DMCA system filed from well ranking in google listing. This filter always in search of new sites violet the copyright and start copying content and throw them out from Google ranking circles when a site update all and start the following copyright then again google start ranking.

7-Exact Match Domain Update 

EMD filter is lounged by Google in September 2012. It will stop ranking of poor quality sites with low-quality domains. Because these sites have words that match with the domain name. Poor quality content sites stop ranking and stop by this filter you can recover from this filter by using quality content and by selecting domain name related to your site theme.

8-Google Top Heavy Update 

This Update is lounged by Google in January 2012. This is prevention by Google for stopping sites from heavy Advertisement Ads. Google lose the ranking of all sites which have over stuffing ads and lots of sponsorship opportunities. Google doesn't stop advertisement on sites but it is against the sites how are just ads machines no use of audience google throws them out these ads machines from the first page. 

10 Latest SEO Trends in the Market

If you want to take the full advantage of digital media age then your business must be rank in google search results at least on the top two pages without proper SEO of your site you can't develop your brand name in this digital world. In my point of view, SEO is a set of techniques that need good understanding and knowledge of what is ongoing and upcoming changes in the ranking scheme defined by the Google search engine. Every year several trends are coming in the market today we discuss the top 10 latest Trends which also approved by many SEO Agencies.
Latest SEO Trends in UK

1-Answer the Questions 

You should have to use the content that answers the questions in this way Google will consider your content more authentic and reliable. For this purpose, you can also use the multiple forums for your content marketing and you can also answer the question asked in different forums like the digital point you can also use the community forums as well. Just change the content tone from keywords over stuffing to problem-solving.

2-Link-Worthy Content 

You can write content which can generate links automatically. I mean if your content has worth people start giving you links no need to ask someone for links you will get links just on the behalf of your content worth. Your content must include full information about the selected topic so it can be helpful for other people. 

3-Secure Your Links

From few past years google issue a certificate SSL for the secure sites. It also becomes a ranking factor in today age. It will cost you $38 per year and when people open your site in google chrome browser it shows the visitors that this site is secure. If your site has not SSL it indicates the visitor that this site is not secure. This certificate is also important for the Google Search Engine ranking.

4-Searcher Intention

Google's focus on unique searcher intention which means now google change the policy against a search query and using different algorithms for sorting a result against a user query. Now we have to put more focus on SEO because old tricks of keywords over stuffing no didn't work like before. Google now start thinking about the user's satisfaction from the sorted result it means when you enter a query in search result google show you the most related and satisfied content sites list.

5-Convert Subdomains into Sub Directories 

You must have to shift your site from subdomain to a subdirectory in our root domain this will help to increase your website domain authority and ranking as well. Now you have to putt your all efforts in the visibility and ranking for your website.
Latest SEO Trends in UK

6-Importance of Video Content

Recent internet users study report shows that 82% of people on internet use video content or prefer to use video content this is an extremely growing amount of audience which is increasing day by day. Maybe in the future, this trend goes more and more viral and certainly increase up to 95% in this case people prefer to use only video content and would like to choose only video publishing content.

7-War of the Snippets 

The biggest changes in the Google SERP features create difficulties in achieving ranking in search engine. You have to get the top three ranking factors for SERP. Our mission is to achieve the expended schema usages for our clients as well as varied features snippets.

8-Rich SEO, Long-form Content  

The practical approach of rich SEO is you should use the long form content it will help you for gaining more organic traffic as compare to short content. Your content word strength should be 1500-words for gaining more visitors and reliability also google rank your content as a trustable source of information for the visitors. 

9-Power of Social Media

Google and other search engine check the retweets, share, likes, comments on your posted content. They check the importance of your content in the social media this is also a big ranking factor for Google. That's why your website must have a strong social media influence likes, sharing and viral content amongst the different social media forums. 

10-Website Speed 

Google announced officially site speed as a ranking factor. So this is clear to everyone that ranking is defined by Google algorithms. So your website loading speed must be fast and easy to access and also should be customized for every device like mobile phone, tablets, PC appearance should be great as well.


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